Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Backyard into a Magical Place
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People have a tendency to underplay how important outdoor lighting is or even ignore the entire subject, which is really a shame since if you want your house to truly feel like a home then you need to ensure it is inviting and beautiful both inside and out, at night as well as during the day. That said, we are here to show you some of our top outdoor home lighting ideas. Hopefully, you will like them just as much as us.


Bollard lights

This type of light comes in various materials, colors, and styles and may be used for providing outdoor spaces with ambient lighting. They are excellent for marking pathways, driveways, and walkways. The Step Line series provides stylish and modern metal fixtures that have indirect LED lights that point down.


Spillo is another stylish LED bollard light that is excellent for adding ambient lighting to a garden or backyard and for outlining walkways. Each piece comes in a metal tube-like element form with LED bulb on the top. The tubes may be inserted in the ground and used as individual or group accent lights.


Atticus is a non-intrusive, modern, and stylish lamp that has been designed to be used in outdoor areas. It is versatile and simple and has a discreet design that enables it to blend into the landscape and keeps that focus on the surrounds instead of the lamp itself.


During the daytime, you will barely see them. However, once it gets dark, the Ghost Sabers will light up and ensure that any outdoor area will stand out. Obviously, they refer to the lightsaber, since Star War fans will be able to point it out easily. They are amazing bollard lights that are made out of high-quality plastic and are resilient and durable.


Tinka bollard lights, ideal for illuminating walkways and lush gardens feature a very stylish and sleek design with a somewhat flamboyant appearance. Each of the solar-polar lamps looks like a torch, but without open fire and comes with a teak frame.


The Granito series provides very artistic outdoor lamp sets, with each of them shaped in the form of a wooden block that has small fissures that allow the light to escape from the inside like a magical log. The lamps are made out of corten steel that over time naturally weathers and achieves a patina.


outdoor lighting


Floor lamps

The Out collection will transform your garden into a dreamlike retreat. The moon has inspired this series and features globe-shaped outdoor lamps that replicate how it looks. To accurately capture the best pattern and textures, a special mix of fibers and resin were used to design these lamps.


What better way is there to disguise your outdoor lighting fixture than making them look like garden tools? Matteo Ugolini has designed a collection called Tobia which allows you to do exactly that. These are clever designs and a bit of ironic as well, which turns a lighting fixture that is usually boring into something eye-catching and cool and also makes an interesting conversation topic as well.


Amphora outdoor lamps go beyond being simply light fixtures. They also offer a decorative purpose, to double as beautiful ornament. Every lamp is a true statement piece and provides a stylish focal point that complements almost every landscape. Their shape references terracotta amphoras that were used at once time as decorations in gardens and on terraces.


Reverse psychology is used by the Don't Touch series to look irresistible. Matteo Ugolini designed the collection and features a bowl-shaped based with many sticks made out of matte white PVC sprouting out of it. When you touch the lamp, it turns and also gives nice tactile feedback.


The designs of many modern outdoor lamps focus on more than simply the illuminating factor. The Maridiano collection is an example of this and designed by Meritxell Vidal and Jordi Vilardell. The lamps generate shadow and patterns of light that create amazing visual effects. They are perfect for courtyards, gardens, and terraces.


The Anglepoise lamp was designed during the 1930s originally as a desk light and is an iconic piece that has inspired many amazing projects and decors. The most recent Anglepoise Giant Collection addition also comes with outdoor fixtures. There is an oversized floor lamp and a wall-mounted lamp that matches. They both come with marine-grade stainless steel fittings and are available in 15 different colors.


Two things are needed to make an outdoor area feel and look inviting and comfortable: lighting and furniture. Both of those things are offered in one item by the Sabinas series. It is a chair that lights up and is also a lamp. The intensity and color of the lighting can be controlled remotely.


Carlo Costantini designed the Pivot, which is another type of glowing outdoor lamp that provides rich and soft illumination. It features a classic and simple shape but its design is far from being common. This is a versatile lamp that looks stylish in both outdoor and indoor spaces.


Pendant lights

outdoor lighting

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In outdoor spaces pendant lamps are not too common, so there are not a lot of models for you to choose from when you want to illuminate your garden, porch, or backyard with one. However, there are some fairly amazing ones such as the Nefos pendant lamps that resemble soft, delicate clouds. They provide very pleasant, diffuse light and may be hung from ceilings, on trees, and look just as good indoors as they do outside.


Those hanging pendant lamps are very charming. They look really cozy and fit in nicely outside but can be a good choice for some indoor spaces also. Either way, you can take full advantage of their appearance to create welcoming and comfortable decor that features plenty of character.


Wall sconces

Although Assolo lamps have not been designed specifically to use for outdoor spaces, they still can complement them due to their versatile design. They are stylish LED lamp lamps that can be installed in a ceiling as well and look great in clusters, groups or alone. You can install them on an outdoor wall to make a beautiful visual effect that enriches your home's exterior appeal.



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