Becoming More Self-Aware: 6 Life-Changing Tricks
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Being a self-aware individual means you understand your thoughts and emotions, as well as where they come from, and are able to make smart decisions that serve your unique personal needs. Practicing self-awareness will help you set and achieve goals, establish boundaries, improve your relationships, and become a happier and more successful person overall. However, this isn’t an innate ability, but rather a skill that needs to be learned and practiced in order to master. 

To that end, here are some ways you can become more self-aware, and change your life for the better.

Be more conscious of your flaws

All of us have some positive and some negative aspects of our character; it’s all a natural part of being a human being. However, if your goal is to become more self-aware in an effort to strive for self-improvement, you need to be more conscious of your flaws, whether it’s negativity, criticism, or uncontrolled emotions. Try to observe your behavior throughout the day, or even ask a close person you trust for their feedback. This will give you an insight into the more negative aspects of your behavior you might not be aware of, allowing you to accept your flaws, and work on improving yourself and your overall well-being.

Know your emotional triggers

We all have certain emotional triggers, those instances that bring up feelings of stress, anxiety, and other negative and damaging feelings. When we know and understand these factors, we might be more equipped to handle these negative emotions, and prevent ourselves from becoming overwhelmed or going on a downward spiral. And even though recognizing your emotional triggers might turn out to be a difficult and time-consuming process, there are still some exercises you could practice in order to succeed, such as identifying topics or influences that make you uncomfortable, or realizing what the common ground your past negative experiences share is, in order to become more self-aware.

Dare to explore your body

The emotional aspect of your being isn’t the only important part of becoming self-aware; getting to know your body can have a significant impact as well. When you start exploring your body on a deeper, more intimate level, you will learn more about your feelings, pleasures, and desires, allowing you to become more confident and comfortable in your body. So, don’t be afraid to visit a great adult shop and buy some toys and tools that will allow you to experience new forms of pleasure. Not only will knowing exactly what your body likes and enjoys be wonderful for self-awareness, but it might be quite beneficial for your romantic relationships as well.

Reflect on past experiences

Reflection is among the quickest and easiest ways to work on self-awareness, as it allows you to think about yourself, your character, and your past experiences in a more meaningful and insightful manner. While there are many ways in which you could reflect on your thoughts and emotions, people have found that writing in personal journals might be the most efficient. If you wish to start journaling as well, make sure to set aside a few minutes out of your day to write down your daily experiences, as well as the way they made you feel. Reading the journal entries back will then allow you to understand yourself more clearly, giving you the opportunity to make more suitable decisions.

Step out of your comfort zone

Another wonderful way to practice self-awareness and work towards self-improvement is to do or attempt something more meaningful. Even though sticking only to your regular routines and patterns that you know quite well might seem particularly safe and secure, true personal growth stems from stepping out of your comfort zone and daring to take more risks. Only then will you be able to find out who you truly are as a person. So, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself in your daily life, whether that means changing your routine, altering your appearance, learning a new skill, or even going on a thrilling adventure.

Become more mindful in life

Practicing mindfulness every day can allow you to experience your thoughts and emotions more vividly, giving you the opportunity to embrace and control them in a more efficient way. In turn, you will feel more calm and collected on a daily basis, being able to reflect on the present moment, as well as your own being. As it allows you to get in touch with your body and your emotions, being more mindful might also give you the opportunity to make better and more informed decisions, while influencing your mental health, attention span, as well as pleasurable sensations, in quite a positive way.

While becoming self-aware might take some time and effort, it is essential for living a more enjoyable and successful life. Self-awareness will allow you to act in a way that honors your specific needs, ultimately improving your health, well-being, and life overall.

Written by Chloe Taylor


About the Author

Chloe is an interior design consultant from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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