Benefits of Decorating Your Living Space with Mirrors [Infographic]
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Since ancient times, mirrors have been used as a decorative piece in most residential dwellings and even public establishments. Mirrors are a widely-known tool among interior designers as they not only help brighten a dark room, they can also make a tiny space look much bigger.


Aside from the obvious functionality they provide to the property’s occupants and visitors, mirrors also provide aesthetic value to any space. Just like windows, mirrors can also easily enhance the overall vibe of the room through the light. They can reflect and scatter the light from the outside to dimly lighted areas of the room to make the space look livelier and inviting. This technique is often used in most important living spaces of the house such as the living room, dining room, and even in the hallways and bathroom.


However, no matter how valuable they can be in any space, mirrors can also ruin the overall appeal of any room when hanged incorrectly. Not many people know this but decorating with mirrors comes with a few rules and techniques. For instance, while it can be quite tempting to place an ornamented decorative mirror in the bedroom, most interior design experts advise not to do so since its reflective properties can disrupt your sleep.


To learn more about the benefits of investing in mirrors as a decorative piece for your property, check out the infographic below from Accent Art and Frame.




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