Best Places to Retire in 2019
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Costa Rica


If you’re contemplating retirement spots that are the best for living the golden years of your life, then you should certainly look for the countries and cities that will offer you plenty of choices. From affordability to nice people and a pleasant climate, you’ll need to think about various factors before making the final choice. In 2019, people chose several top retirement destinations and if you can’t decide where you should move to, check out some of our suggestion that will certainly make you pack your bags immediately.



All beach lovers will be delighted to know that Spain is one of the best “beach destinations” in Europe. With first-world, Western European standards of living, you won’t have to worry about falling short of anything. When you leave tourist spots behind, you’ll need your knowledge of Spanish to be on a pretty good level to know your way around and communicate with the locals. However, if you become nostalgic, just drop by some of the beach areas with large, English-speaking expat communities. Chilly northern provinces such as Navarre, Asturias, and the Basque country are perfect for forest lovers and people who prefer mountains over the sea. With friendly locals and exceptional food, you’ll fall in love with Spain quicker than expected. What’s more, The World Health Organization ranks Spain as having one of the best healthcare systems in the world, which is certainly one of the main reasons you should consider this European country to be the one where you’ll spend your golden years.



If you decide to try your luck in Portugal, you’ll be happy to know that the locals will be delighted to welcome foreigners in their country, making a sincere effort to make you feel welcomed. Portuguese is always good to know, but in urban areas like Porto and Lisbon as well as in the expat region of the Algarve, you’ll have no problem speaking English to the locals. With very inexpensive lifestyle, Portugal is the second most affordable country in Europe, right after Bulgaria. For example, you can have a simple lunch including soup, a main course, a beverage, dessert and a coffee for approximately $10. Thanks to the good connection to other cities and areas, you won’t have to own a vehicle because you can get anywhere by train, bus, tram and taxi. To satisfy your daily dose of cultural needs, you’ll be able to visit many museums and historical sites like St. George Castle.



If you’re an Australian-based retiree, you’ll be lucky to know that you don’t even have to move from the Land Down Under if you want a happy retirement. For those of you who don’t like to fly abroad but would prefer to stay in their home country, a resort-like retirement village in Central Coast would be the best place to spend your golden years. Known as a retirement haven, you can expect idyllic living conditions here. With a bunch of other retirees, you'll socialize every day and have top-class medical care always at your service. Enjoy outdoor activities, visits from your loved ones and a carefree retirement at a retirement village that has it all.


Costa Rica

Have you been dreaming about spending your retirement at broad beaches with ocean waves splashing at your feet every morning? If so, then Costa Rica is the go-to destination that will completely enchant you with its opulent scenery and a tropical climate. Add stable politics, low crime rates and affordability to the entire package and you’ve got yourself an idyllic home where you can live a carefree life. Top-notch, affordable medical care is another reason to seriously think about spending your retirement in Costa Rica. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful but not essential. Don’t worry about feeling welcome and at home because a variety of communities of expats will be happy to help you through the process of acclimating to Costa Rica. With an array of outdoor activities, you’ll be able to spend your free time fishing, playing golf, horseback riding, hiking, diving and practicing yoga.



Retiring in Malaysia would be nothing short of a paradise with low cost of living, outdoor vistas and an exotic mix of cultures. If you’re the outdoorsy type, then idyllic beaches and some of the lushest ancient rainforests in Southeast Asia will be a true delight for you. Not to mention that you’ll be able to choose from more than 878 islands with white-sand beaches for your retirement retreat or occasional road trips. You won't have to worry about finding your way around Malaysia because English happens to be the unofficial first language of the country. For less than $5.70 per person, a family of six can dine out in a local Chinese restaurant. If you decide to move to Penang, with an income of $1,800 a month, you and your spouse will be able to live quite comfortably. More than 60 hiking trails available for you will give you a chance to enjoy the outdoors whenever you want because the temperature is fabulous all year round.


Final thoughts

If you can’t decide where to spend your golden years, feel free to choose one of the destinations from our list. You’ll certainly live a happy and carefree life no matter the destination you pick because all of them offer great living conditions and plenty of activities for you to enjoy.

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