Can Solar and Battery Power Truly Change Our World?


There is an interesting philosophy that claims that the world - the nature - will begin to take back what humans have taken from it. The idea is that planet Earth is actually a living organism that will eventually choose to make man extinct if we don't change our habits.


If the Gaia hypothesis has some validity to it, then finding ways to work with nature in order to live cohesively with it is a matter of survival for mankind. This is why this article is being written: to raise awareness for the wonderful possibilities that battery and solar power can bring us.


There are companies and social entrepreneurs who recognize the need to change the status quo. It is not easy to develop solar and battery technologies that are capable of totally replacing all other forms of energy. And to add to the huge investments placed into this dream of 100 percent renewable energy, there are those as equally powerful and wealthy who would rather not see this technology take off. All things considered, we are on a right track, with recent breakthroughs in energy storage and rising feasibility of solar, but there’s still a long way to go.


Through all the criticism, Tesla Motors continued to create a vehicle that could travel 100-miles using electricity alone. Not only that, but the Tesla Roadster was as fast as any supercar on the market. Now those same critics are questioning how solar power can even be taken seriously as a global power supply. Just as with the Tesla Motor brand, the Tesla Company keeps trudging forward and pushing the limits - limits most often than not created by its opponents.


Not all are naysayers. As it is mentioned in an article written by Clean Technica, Sweden is racing to be one of the first countries to be 100 percent reliant on renewable energy by the year 2040. That is quite an amazing feat, but a very noble goal to reach for. I believe it can be done.


It shouldn't be so difficult for Sweden since they already produce around 57 percent out of its 159TWh from renewable energy. 10 percent of that comes from wind turbines. By 2030, Sweden plans to expand that to 18TWh.


Anna Vadasz Nilsson, Director General of the Swiss Energy Markets Inspectorate, said, “Nuclear is quite an expensive energy source due to safety regulations and funding for long-term nuclear waste management among other things." This type of proposition is upsetting the old power who struggle between the long-standing establishment that has grown enormously wealthy from traditional power production methods.


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Corp, recently unveiled the company's revolutionary solar roof, which actually transforms your entire roof into one big source of power. He has even pointed out that replacing the entire roof with solar panels is way more cost effective than replacing it with a standard shingled roof.


What makes Musk's product even more awesome is that it comes with "infinity" warranty. This speaks loud about his product and that Musk is confident in it and isn't afraid to stand by it. How many companies do that these days? This is a true spirit of someone who is a social entrepreneur. Not only they are willing to push the envelope of innovation, but they are willing to forgo the classic "all I care about is money" mindset for the betterment of humanity.


Tesla's solar roof isn't as fragile as some would think. It could be assumed that when the first bad storm with ice and hail hits, the solar roof owner would be taking Musk up on that infinity warranty. Don't think any sane person is going to offer an infinity warranty without a surety that it can pass the stringent tests.


Running a simulation of two-inch diameter hail traveling at a blistering 110 miles-per-hour, Musk showed that, while normal shingles shattered on impact, Tesla's solar roof stood up to the abuse well. Adding other renewable energy solutions in tandem to the solar roof, Musk explains that people can finally "truly go off the grid."


People in the investment world were totally down talking on Musk's takeover move of SolarCity, which is actually an idea he gave to two of his cousins. Imminent failure was all the buzz that week. Nevertheless, he sticks to his guns: “With an integrated Powerwall battery, energy collected during the day is stored and made available anytime, effectively turning your home into a personal utility.”


Can you imagine how such technologies, if actually implemented all throughout the United States, would disrupt the entire playing field - even multiple playing fields? If you would like to learn more of Tesla's innovative ideas, there is a YouTube video link provided here that will further enlighten the reader.


Written by Philip Piletic


Philip Piletic

His primary focus is a fusion of technology, small business and marketing. Freelancer and writer, in love with startups, he is traveling and helping others get their ideas off the ground. Philip unwinds with a glass of Scotch and some indie rock on vinyl. Follow Philip on Twitter @Philip_Piletic



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