Cannabis Debate: Is It Really That Healthy?
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The world of medicine has seen many disruptions throughout this decade. There are automation and AI that continue to revolutionize diagnosis and medical data storage.


Then, there are useful apps that help train medical staff through efficient and effective courses. And now we have cannabis, the miracle plant that’s been at the center of many controversies in the past couple of years.


On the one hand, some people continuously berate the plant while others consume it regularly. The first group is citing cannabis euphoria-inducing side effects as its primary feature. Also, it may alter your memory if you’re a heavy user. Smoking cannabis is not so good for the lungs either.


On the other hand, we have people who praise cannabis for all its wonderful health benefits. They continue to fight for easy access to cannabis because they understand there’s more to it than just the “high” feeling. Mostly thanks to the non-psychoactive compound called CBD, cannabis is the talk of the decade.


Cannabis is currently being used to treat various conditions, including mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. It is also being used to treat conditions of the physical kind like chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, and inflammation. As the number of studies behind CBD grows, we’ll have more applications for cannabis and CBD in the future.


The battle between the two parties remains at a standstill in most parts of the US, while other regions and countries such as Canada, for example, have already embraced it fully. Regardless of what side you are on, one thing is for sure — the battle for cannabis will end only once it is fully legalized throughout the country, i.e. the world.


Also, what better way there is to gain a full understanding of cannabis than by seeing the numbers and figures behind it. Throughout the years, the cannabis industry has accrued numerous important statistics that show its growing support among scientific communities and ordinary people.


Here are the most important figures and stats presented in this easy-to-digest infographic. Check them out!





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