Foods that Help Reduce Stress [Infographic]
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foods to beat stress


Have you heard the phrase “you are what you eat?” Well, recent research into the gut-brain connection has confirmed that this is truer than ever. What we eat has a direct effect on the way we feel physically, and this extends to the brain as well. A diet full of processed foods and sugars can actually prevent our brain from properly dealing with anxiety and stress.


When we experience stress, our body goes into the "flight or fight" stage. We begin to crave fatty, sugary foods which can be turned into quick energy. However, these types of foods can damage the stomach’s lining, causing long-term digestive issues. This becomes a vicious cycle as the brain becomes stressed by stomach pain, therefore demanding more unhealthy food to deal with the anxiety.


The good news is that eating a healthy, conscious diet can help the brain deal with daily stress and anxiety. Take a look at the guide from Snap Kitchen below for a list of mood-boosting foods, along with the best times to eat them.


foods to reduce stress




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