CleverShuttle – an Eco-Friendly Low-Cost Driving Service Operating in Germany


CleverShuttle offers eco-friendly low-cost door-to-door driving service for passengers in major German cities. Unlike traditional taxi services, CleverShuttle operates in a more efficient way since it has developed an IT system which recognizes when the passengers are booking similar routes and pools those passengers in one shuttle, so that they end up traveling together.


CleverShuttle promises that using its service is 50% cheaper than using taxi. CleverShuttle uses only e-vehicles for its operation and helps to reduce traffic due to pooling.


The service provides easy booking via App.


CleverShuttle started its operations in Berlin, Leipzig and Munich. There are over 12.000 customers using this service.


Company plans to launch its service in all other major cities in Germany.


Visit CleverShuttle website here.


Watch CleverShuttle presentation below



by Natalie Myhalnytska



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