Crazy About Sports? Here’s Where to Be
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Sporting fans are overwhelmed by the number of amazing events that are held each year, from football to horse racing and tennis to cycling. Sport is a massive part of people’s lives and these world-famous events can be much-anticipated dates on the calendar, but with so many to choose from, which are really unmissable? We have compiled a list of events that are brilliant for both spectators and those who view from home, with something for everyone. 

Horse Racing - Royal Ascot 

When it comes to the races, Ascot is one that you would be sorry to miss. The prestigious race has been held annually in Berkshire, England since 1711 when Queen Ann opened the doors to the event in which is home to 13 of Britain 36 annual Group 1 races. Not only are the races adored for its history, but also its close relationship to the Royal family throughout history, with the current Royals being known to attend the races and Queen Elizabeth herself has entered her personal horses into the races. 

Royal Ascot has maintained its reputation throughout all these years as unlike many other races, it has strict rules in place to maintain the decorum and class each year. These rules include guidelines for drinking and dressing for the event, but not to worry, the event still leaves you with amazing memories is you are amongst the 300,000 racegoers throughout the five days of the event - 70,000 of which are on Thursday’s Gold Cup day. 

Tennis - Wimbledon 

Wimbledon is one of the most famous events in the world and is known by even those of us who do not follow the sport and has been held in Wimbledon since 1877 making it both history and prestigious, along with its fame of being one of the Grand Slam events along with the Australian Open, French Open and US Open. 

Wimbledon is the oldest championship in the world which draws in an intimate crowd that often includes members of the royal family and famous faces. The British tournament is famous for not only the great tennis but for its traditional strawberries and cream in which during the course of the event goes through 28,000kg of strawberries and 10,000 litres of cream. 

Cycling - The Tour de France 

The world-famous cycling event spans across 23-days and is considered the most difficult cycling race in the world since being first held in 1903 and held annually ever since, except during the world wars. The race is a total of 3,4060 miles longs, consisting of 8 flat stages: lasting around 125 miles, the competitors are generally in big groups riding together and it taking breakaways from these groups to be the winners of these stages. 5 hill stages, 6 mountain stages: these can see competitors having to ride up to 2,000 meters above sea level, sometimes more than once a day. Finally, 2 trial stages and 2 rest stages



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