Cross Contamination in the Workplace [Infographic]
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Nothing spreads quite as easily and as rapidly as germs. Every surface we touch, every person’s hand we shake and everything we eat could spread infection because of cross contamination, which could then lead to minor or serious illnesses. It’s frightening to think of how easily germs can spread, yet people seem to fall into the same traps and ignore the same precautions time and again.


The infographic below from Cleaning Services Group examines the many ways through which cross contamination could occur in the workplace. Restaurants and hospitals are obvious minefields for the spread of infection, but there is a risk in every workplace in the country. All it takes is a lackadaisical washing of hands after using the bathroom, or even the pressing of laptop keyboards which haven’t been cleaned, for cross contamination to originate.


Even one case of cross contamination could have serious repercussions for a business. If it’s a member of staff who’s infected, they need to take sick leave which results in lost productivity both directly (in their absence) and indirectly (through potential loss of morale from others seeing a colleague get infected). If a visitor to the premises gets infected, they could take a lawsuit against the company and claim large compensation. Also, there could be negative publicity generated about the company, resulting in the loss of revenue and making it more difficult to win customers.


In the infographic below, you can read about the possible sources of cross contamination in a professional environment and what steps can be taken to lower the risk of infections from originating and spreading.


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