Cross-Country in an Electric Vehicle: A New Way to Road Trip
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America’s love affair with the open road dates back to the beginnings of the horseless carriage. The internal combustion engine put us on the road and gave us a sense of freedom that can’t be obtained anywhere else. And at the end of spring, millions of drivers take to the highways to kick off road trip season. In fact, 2018 saw near-record numbers, with more than 41.5 million Americans traveling over Memorial Day weekend, half of which reach their destination by car.


There’s no doubt the popularity of road trips is great for the travel industry, but the same can’t be said for the environment. When it comes to emissions and the concern over global warming, this date looks bleak. Currently, transportation accounts for about 30% of US greenhouse gas emissions, so this sector represents a considerable factor when cutting American carbon pollution. Specifically, this includes passenger vehicles, which account for 60% of those emissions, and medium-heavy-duty trucks accounting for a further 23%. The internal combustion engine isn’t doing the environment any favors, but these emissions could be significantly reduced by transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs).


Electric vehicles are not a new concept — dating back to the first small scale electric car in 1830. Today, this technology has come to life in the form of the Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Kona, Chevy Bolt, Jaguar Pace, and the list goes on. Many EVs now have a significant range that gives drivers over 200 miles of roadway on a single charge. This means a reduced carbon footprint while still being able to take advantage of a favorite past time — road trips.


With the growing popularity of EVs and a detailed knowledge of American highways, CarRentals put together this guide detailing four cross-country road trips mapped out specifically for electric vehicles. From Los Angeles to New York and shorter trips like the scenic route of California’s Highway One, these maps include anchor stops along the way complete with charging stations and must-see sights in each location. There’s also a breakdown of different types of charging stations and connectors, so you’ll never be left with a low battery.


electric vehicles



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