Eco-Friendly Ways to Care for Your Pet in Winter
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Winter is a fun time for your pets, but it could also become a dangerous period if they are not protected from the harsh elements of extreme weather. Therefore, paying attention to your pet’s needs, comfort levels and health are essential, so that their well-being is safeguarded throughout the cold season.


By adopting eco-friendly practices while caring for your pet, you are not only affirming a commitment to a green earth, but also ensure that your pets are not exposed to harmful substances. Whether avoiding salt on your driveway for pets or making your own dog sweaters, sustainable practices make the planet a better place to live in for everyone.


Repurpose and Recycle Old Materials

It is important that pets stay warm when temperatures dip. While pets do have coats that protect them to some degree from the cold, this is not enough when the weather is freezing. Under no circumstances should dogs and other pets stay outdoors for a long time as they are going to catch hypothermia that can cause complications and even death. If they are bunking in the garage, make sure that there is a heater in there. You also need to make sure that your pets are adequately protected from the cold by making their bed extra warm with old blankets or unused fabrics and cartons for extra padding and insulation.


Make Your Own Clothes and Booties

Exercise and daily walks are important for your pet’s health. Being cooped inside the house can affect their moods and behavior. When walking your dogs in the snow, make sure that you put protective clothing on them. Paws must be covered as they can get frostbites. Repurposing old fabrics to make dog clothes is a sustainable way of caring for your pet. You can also make booties out of sweaters that your kids have outgrown instead of leaving them unused or throwing them in the bin. Booties protect paws from the cold as well as harmful substances on the ground from deicers.



Buy Sustainable Products or Prepare Your Own

From food and cleaning agents to skin and fur care, purchasing eco-friendly products makes sense. Less processed food is better for the health of your pets. Exposure to chemicals from cleaning materials can also harm your pet, especially during winter when there are fewer opportunities to stay outdoors or air homes for a longer period. Paws should also be protected by putting balm before and after leaving the house. Organic dog paw wax is available that protects your animal’s paws or you can make your own using calendula, beeswax, and carnauba wax. You can also mix your own cleaning products using organic ingredients that won’t harm you, your loved ones and pets.


Sustainable pet care activities at any time of the year reinforce your commitment to green living. Caring for your pet in winter using eco-friendly ways not only saves you money, but, more importantly, limits exposure of pets to harmful ingredients and substances for better health.

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