Meet e-volo Volocopter, a Two-Seater Electric Aircraft

Karlsruhe-based company e-volo GmbH created Volocopter, a 2-seater helicopter with electric drive designed to revolutionize mobility on our planet by making flying safer, more environmentally-friendly and affordable. This ultra light aircraft is equipped with 18 rotors. The motor of each rotor is powered by independent batteries. Volocopter is also equipped with a large number of different sensors and safety-relevant components that compensate for the malfunction of individual components, ensuring a high level of safety during a flight.


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In case of turbulence or emergency, Volocopter’s system reacts in a fraction of a second and, thanks to the automatic altitude control, Volocopter is able to immediately stabilize itself. Its overall rescue system in the form of parachute allows Volocopter to safely descend to the ground.


Volocopter is piloted using a joystick and is able to fly at a speed of up to 100 kph. Its reduced mechanics allows to operate Volocopter with ease.


Another advantage of Volocopter is that its motors are quiet and eco-friendly since they draw power from rechargeable batteries.


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To construct Volocopter, company received a subsidy of €2 mln from the German Federal Ministry of Transport. e-volo involved 2 research institutions and 4 companies into the project development.


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In December 2015, e-volo was awarded with “Climate Champion COP21” in Paris. Volocopter has already undergone numerous tests and received “permit-to-fly” from German government. This means that Volocopter is officially allowed to conduct manned flights in the German airspace.


For more details about the Volocopter, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska




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