Great Ideas For Parents to Encourage Healthy Living in Their Teens
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As your children grow older, it's imperative to instill healthy habits. It's no secret that teenagers can be difficult. In fact, you may be worried about how to manage their newfound thoughts and emotions. Fortunately, your efforts can help them learn how to thrive as they age. 

Here's a look at different healthy habits for your teenagers.

Support a Nutritious Diet

A growing body requires certain foods to thrive. If you don't put an emphasis on nutrition, your kids won't be able to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals. It's best to implement a weekly meal plan that features various healthy dishes. This way, you won't have to spend extra time or money on lunches and dinners. Plus, you'll also be able to involve your children. As a result, they'll be more inclined to eat well.

You can reference suggested guidelines for teenagers if you need help. In general, your meals should include fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy. It's essential to make adjustments for your kids' specific situations. For example, they'll need more protein if they play sports. Either way, you should support a nutritious diet. Your family as a whole should take steps to lead a healthier life.

That said, you don't have to eliminate snacks and desserts altogether. In fact, it's harmful to restrict your children's eating habits. Instead, you should aim for balance. A bowl of ice cream won't negatively affect your kids' health when you eat chicken, rice and broccoli for dinner. They can still have their treats.

Stay Physically Fit as a Family

If they don't play sports, it's essential to encourage your children to exercise. They can shoot a basketball or take a run for an hour. Either way, they should do physical activities that keep them fit. You can also make a goal to work out as a family to further inspire your kids. For instance, you could set aside one day per week to try an outdoor pursuit like hiking, swimming or walking to enjoy nature.

Did you know that over 50% of children will become obese by 35? These opportunities will help your kids maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your support for their well-being will allow them to realize it's necessary to stay fit if they want to thrive. They can implement your advice so that they become fit adults, too.

Promote Good Hygiene

It's no secret that teenagers can be unmotivated. As a result, they may feel like they don't have to floss their teeth or take a shower every day. It's essential to promote good hygiene so that they adopt specific habits early. This way, your kids can avoid acne, cavities and other potential issues. If they don't understand why it's smart to pursue good hygiene, you should sit down with them to explain everything.

Ask your children to tell you about specific problems, too. There may be issues like dandruff or psoriasis that you don't want to leave unnoticed. In any case, your kids need to care for their physical well-being as they grow. A reminder to shower, brush, floss and wash will help them build key habits.

Talk About Mental Health

There are various mental health issues that teenagers handle on a daily basis. It's possible that your kids may have to deal with certain struggles as they grow. These concerns can involve anything from anxiety to depression to bulimia. Try not to have a mindset that your children will never endure mental health issues. They can be a problem for anyone — and with proper care, you can help your kids through them.

An open, non-judgemental environment works wonders. Your children should know you're there to be a support system. As a result, they'll be more inclined to discuss their thoughts and feelings with you. If you notice any warning signs, you need to call your kids' pediatrician to talk about treatment. Your proactiveness can help your children lead a healthy life despite potential mental health issues.

Establish a Sleep Schedule

Do your teenagers love to sleep until noon? It's common for older children to need more sleep as they grow. Between school, activities and Netflix, your kids are often too occupied to focus on a beneficial sleep schedule. But when they don't sleep, they're more likely to experience negative health effects. As a result, it's best to be as adamant as possible that they set a sleep schedule for weeknights.

You can work together to create a plan. For example, they need to have their homework finished by 7 p.m. so that they relax until 9 p.m. and be asleep by 10 p.m. You should alter your approach when necessary. They must sleep for at least nine hours each night. Obviously, you can't always guarantee that they'll stick to your plan. A concerted effort will still implement valuable habits anyway.

Discuss and Implement These Topics to Help Your Teens Thrive

It's not always easy to be a teenager. Therefore, your older children will rely on you to help them blossom into healthy young adults. These ideas will benefit everyone.

Written by Jennifer Landis


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