Green Living: Students Are Moving to the Village
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A growing number of students nowadays prefer rural areas to live in even though public opinion claim is that cities have more to offer. The reality shows we all have to consider a sustainable living for the future of our planet.


Such a lifestyle implies using natural resources, reducing carbon footprint, energy consumption, and eating healthy. All of this is easily achievable while living in the village. For instance, organic food will be fresh and not so pricy as in the city stores.


If you are still thinking about the idea of moving to the village, here are the four things you have to know about city living first. You may easily find them as ‘the list of pros of leaving the city’.


The City Never Stops

You have to be following the big city life vibes all the time. As soon as you slow down on the busy street, the crowd will start pushing you with elbows. Corporates, tourists, other students - in the weekday it's nearly impossible to move throughout the city center at your own pace. You always need to adjust to city speed.


In fact, more and more international students prefer to live in nearby villages and still manage to attend classes and events in the city.


At times it may be hard to catch up with everything the student life requires from you, especially during the first years. You will need to explore a new city. There will be new friends and classmates, meetings your college or uni organizes, cultural events. Amidst all of that, you will also have to find time for the assignments. Here is the tip for you.


In any urgent case, when you don't have time, you can turn to professional help from essay team writers. They will do their best to ease your stress and free the time to enjoy your new life! Like many other entities, the platforms go online, so it does not matter where you live - in a quiet village or a noisy city - the assistance is just a few clicks away.


Having a back-up plan, you can concentrate on any choice and live your rural or urban life to the fullest. Now, let's proceed to the main features of the city rhythm.


You Will Never Get a Quiet Weekend in the City

The fast pace doesn't stop on the weekends. It sounds like a stressful way of living, and it definitely is. The capitals, like London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Beijing, Seoul, are hubs of all kinds of social spheres.


Although there are endless opportunities for visiting top places and events, there is an evident lack of quiet time for a person. Not only natives are hanging in such sites. Thousands of tourists come each weekend.


If you are choosing a city living, most likely you will soon realize that there are just too many places one should avoid on a Saturday and Sunday. Until then you get to enjoy the flow of visitors from all around the world as you are trying to come to your favorite cafe or a city library to complete your homework.


weekend in the village


City Life May Feel Lonely

Even though millions of people are living in the city, it may feel like the loneliest place in the world. When students just start their education, they often don't have connections with others or fail to develop strong relationships in a new place.


You should know by now that a common cause brings people together very soon. Find your people, and your life will get brighter.


The community of people who follow green living principles is growing daily. You could join the movement in your area. If you don't have such a group nearby, it would be a good idea to start and lead one in your college or university.


City Life Is Usually Costly

If a student is based in a big city, money struggle may be one of the most pressing issues during one's studying process. Rent, groceries, and other essentials will most likely eat all your funds. A student's life often means a lack of surplus assets.


If you manage to get a student loan or grant, it probably will not last long in the city. In these terms, living in the suburbs will save you a lot. You can also pick up a part-time job during studies or consider any type of online freelance to feel more financially secure.


Colleges and universities often provide common living opportunities for students in dorms located in villages nearby the campus.


Sustainable Green Living in the Village

Now, it's time to consider the features of green living.

  • Community living. Student homes or dorms often include communal gardens, green yards, and other common facilities.
  • Living in nature. Trees, grasslands, fresh air, what can be better to keep the mind clear and focused on your studies.
  • Low impact lifestyle is one of the main characteristics of sustainable living.



Consider living outside the city while studying if you are serious about lowering your environmental impact. Every person has a chance to make the world a better place by adjusting one's everyday life.


Significant changes often start with small steps. Note that today your personal well-being and the future of Earth are in your hands.



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