Helping Your Children Lead a Green and Successful Life Without Stress
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One huge part of child-rearing is making sure that our children get the best education, develop the most desirable traits and acquire the most useful skills that they need in order to be successful down the road.


After all, none of us want our kids to struggle through life. However, as with everything else, there is such thing as overdoing this. By placing too much pressure on our children in our desire to see them succeed, there is a chance we’re preventing them from fully enjoying their childhood. All the success in the world doesn’t really mean anything unless our children are happy and fulfilled.


Plus, let’s not forget that we also want to instill some important values in them, such as respect for the environment. So, how do we help our little ones become successful without putting them under the unnecessary stress while teaching them to be green? Here are some ideas.


Talk to your children

All children are curious and as soon as they start to talk, they’ll probably ask you a million questions about anything and everything. It’s essential that you answer as many of these questions as you can, and if they ask you something that you don’t know or can’t explain, then simply tell them so and take your time to learn something new as well.


Always listen carefully to what your child is telling you and do so with a lot of patience. Children who get used to having conversations with their parents and who know their parents will listen when they speak usually do better academically. Since they consider saying what they think a normal thing and don’t shy away from giving their opinion, they won’t hold back from speaking in class, sharing their ideas or asking questions when something isn’t clear to them. Furthermore, if a child knows that it’s OK to tell their parents what’s bothering them, they’ll be more likely to confide in their parents when they’re older and their problems become more serious. That way they’ll get the benefits of the contact between parents and adult children, which can aid their success, no matter how old they are.


Tell them it’s fine to ask for help

Another upside of being attentive, not interrupting your child when they’re speaking and letting them know that their opinion matters is that they will feel confident enough to ask for an explanation when they don’t understand something or ask for help when they need it. This is important for several reasons. Not only will they thrive at school because of it, but it can have an impact on their self-esteem, too.


If a child thinks that they’ve failed when they can’t do something on their own and give up rather than ask for help, they’ll be less likely to succeed than those children who simply pick themselves up and try again. So, if there’s a subject that’s giving them a headache or if they can’t really make practical use of what they’ve learnt at school, they should be aware that this is perfectly acceptable. In such cases, try helping them to the best of your abilities.


However, if you don’t think you can provide them the help they need, turn to professionals instead. For example, if they understand the English grammar and their vocabulary is good, but they still make mistakes when speaking, find an effective Trinity GESE course nearby. That way your child can have experts work with them to improve their listening and speaking skills so that they can keep making progress.


Introduce active learning to them

A child who loves learning will advance faster and with more ease than the one who doesn’t, so showing a child that learning doesn’t have to be boring or tiring is something any parent should do. For instance, telling your child or having them read about nature, plants and animals is one thing, but taking them to a farm, where they can see those things first-hand is another.


Nowadays, there are many farms where children can learn anything, from milking a cow and how sheep give us wool to planting or picking their own fruit and vegetables. Not only will your child have some amazing and most likely exhilarating experiences, but they’ll also gain a better understanding of the living world. They will value the lives of animals more if they actually get to see them and pet them, and they will appreciate the food they eat to a much greater extent if they see how much effort people put into growing or picking it. Similarly, you can always teach your kid by example. When they see you sorting out garbage, spending time outdoors or riding your bike instead of driving in your car, they’ll gladly copy your actions and lead healthier, greener and more successful lives.


By raising children who don’t perceive school and learning as something stressful, but rather as something pleasant, you’ll be paving their road towards success from their earliest age. So, do your best to provide your children with proper education, and in the meantime, show them all the love and affection you feel for them so that they can grow up to be confident, happy and successful people.

Written by Fiona Wood



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Fiona Wood is a lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She is in love with good coffee, croissants and fashion magazines. In spare time she plays tennis and traveling around the world.



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