How Green Buildings Impact Our Psychology [Infographic]

green buildings


Buildings are places where we were work, live, and play. However, research shows that buildings can also shape the way we think and feel.


In recent years, we’ve witnessed a growing movement for green construction and the development of buildings with a lower carbon footprint. A survey by Dodge Data & Analytics showed that nearly 50 percent of builders, architects, and contractors expect the majority of their projects to be green by 2021. Green buildings are built in accordance with the LEED program, a set of standards that make a building responsible in its use of resources, materials, and overall indoor environmental factors.


While a lot of attention is placed on the environmental impact and financial gains of sustainable construction, green buildings also have real human benefits. Today, building occupants desire environments that contribute to their health, well-being, and overall happiness. Studies show that green building features such as green roofs, improved acoustics, sustainable carpeting, and biophilic views have the ability to impact human psychology.


Some of those effects include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved ability to make decisions under pressure
  • A greater sense of pride and satisfaction in a space
  • Higher levels of happiness


To show this human impact, BigRentz created an infographic that highlights 15 benefits that people can gain from being inside green buildings, as backed by science. As the green construction movement continues to grow, it is important for companies, employees, residents, and other building occupants to prioritize these factors alongside the environmental benefits.


green buildings



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