How Is Dust Extractor Used to Collect Dust Pollution from The Environment?


In many industries like chemicals processing, pharmaceutical, food, metal and wood industry the air that you and your employees breathe is compromised because dirt, dust, gases can be floating in the air causing health issues as well as making a negative impact on equipment and machinery.


In such cases, the collection of dust is done with the help of a dust extractor system. This is a system that functions to gather dust and other pollutants from the air.


Types of Dust Extracting System

There are basically two types of dust extractor system:

  • One is the dust extraction vacuum that will connect directly to hammers or breakers.
  • The other one is the free-standing dust extraction unit that extracts dust from the air.

This is a powerful kit that connects directly to the breakers and the combi-hammers. This is not only ideal for removing the dust from drilling or chasing but also grinding and cutting.



Benefits of Dust Extractor System

Improves health and safety

The importance of the dust extractor is more seen in the chemical processing industries or the metal and woodworking companies. Here, the employees have to constantly breathe polluted air due to the dirt, debris, dust and other gasses. The chemicals floating in the air are inhaled by the employees. Hence the dust extractor is of great use because it removes the contaminants from the air and gives the factory clean and fresh air.


Increases productivity

If the dirt and the dust or the debris gets collected inside the machine, then it will damage the mechanics. This will lead to slower machines and the equipment may break gradually. The dust extractor is ideal as it removes this risk and allows the machine to optimize its performance.


Better quality of a product

The contaminants in the factory can collect on the product throughout the manufacturing process. It may also happen that the chemicals and the gases will seep into the products and give them an unpleasant odor. These are the factors that have a negative impact on the quality of the product. If the company has dust extractors, then it will significantly reduce the contaminants in the air and keep them away from the finished products.


Meets the regulations

The manufacturers have to follow numerous rules and regulations for safety in the workplace. This hugely depends upon the quality of the air; and if it is poor, then it will harm your employees and create potential hazards that can ultimately destroy the factory. The dust extractor helps you to comply with the government regulations and it is a bonus that all inside the factory are absolutely safe.


Employees are happy

The quality of the air very much affects the mood of the employees. If the quality of air is bad, then the employees suffer. As a result, they are unhappy and look for a better job elsewhere. It is a known fact that if the employees are sad, they will not be able to work properly and will not be productive. The dust extractor is the best choice to keep the surrounding environment pure and clean.


Increased life of Machines and equipment

Dust and dirt and enemies of the machinery and they act as slow poison to them - slowly the quality, functioning and life of machines deteriorate in the presence of dust. But dust extractor system controls this situation efficiently.


This is a machine that is considered the best for removing dust particles. The functioning is such that the air circulates through the air filter and removes the airborne dust. This is such a machine that can also be used in workshops and also during renovations of the buildings.

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