Reducing Business Costs with Rainwater Harvesting


It’s crazy to use clean, drinking water for toilet flushing when you can use rainwater instead. It’s already there, so all you need is a proper system for it. You will be ready for any emergency, in addition to saving considerable amounts of money, especially in the long run. A growing number of environmentally conscious business owners know this, and they have every right to expect a faster return on investment after installing a rainwater harvesting system. Let’s learn something about it.


Long-term benefits

Rainwater harvesting can reduce your water usage by as much as 40%. The upfront costs may seem unattractive, but this investment will bring you amazing long-term benefits. Today’s customers are concerned about the environment more than ever, so if they see that you share their values, they will keep coming to you.


Although the benefits depend on the type of business, it’s always a good marketing tactic to share with people that you care about nature. Companies that have heavy machinery and equipment can use rainwater to wash down aluminum and other parts, while car wash businesses can profit from capturing rainwater and utilizing it for washing services.



By channeling the rain that lands on the roof through a filter and into a tank, you are collecting a valuable source of water that you can use for your business. But you have to filter the water before you use it. Along with water, a layer of sediment settles at the bottom, so it has to go into a control unit for the second stage of filtration. After that, the water goes through the final stage of filtration so it can be stored in an internal buffer tank.


Maybe rainwater appears clean to the human eye, but it usually contains bacteria, pathogens, animal excrement, dust particles, and pollutants that can cause a lot of health problems. That’s why it’s crucial that it goes through sterilization and treatment processes. Also, you have to follow the regulations for rainwater systems in your area, so make sure that you’ve done everything right.


UV water disinfection

Rainwater harvesting can be a very useful and sustainable option for areas that are not connected to town water supplies. By installing one of those contemporary industrial UV water treatment systems, rainwater can even be used for drinking, showering, laundry washing, toilet flushing, product addition, equipment wash-down, car washing, swimming pool top-up, etc.


A well-designed rainwater harvesting system includes a first flush diverter, rainwater storage tank, pump, UV pre-treatment and UV disinfection system, so make sure that you choose the one that has all of these things. Whether you have a farm or an apartment building, rainwater harvesting can help you do more for our planet and save some money.



Water storage

It’s possible to store the water for months after the rains. So, if you want to store it for later use, chlorine treatment could be a good option for you. Nevertheless, UV light is an instant disinfection technology that can help you even more. It reduces the risk of corrosion, so this is a good option if you work with materials like uncoated aluminum. Also, you can switch between rainwater and water mains, depending on your needs and the levels in the storage tanks.


Start saving water today

A rainwater system pays for itself in a short time, so don’t let thousands of gallons of rainwater go down the drain. You will increase your green credentials and satisfy your environmentally conscious customers. Moreover, you will know that you are doing the right thing by having a positive impact on the environment. This system is quick and easy to install, meaning you can start collecting water quickly.


As you can see, rainwater harvesting solutions for commercial properties come with numerous benefits. The demand for such systems is expected to increase, so now is the time for you to follow this trend. If you do so, you won’t need to rely on the water mains framework, and you will decrease the operating costs. So, what’s stopping you from making this change?

Guest post by Lillian Connors




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