How to Choose the Right Plant for Your Household
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Plants can make any room or garden look inviting and welcoming, and turn a house into a home. They can be fun little additions to your decor, or serve a purpose as oxygen-providers and small - or large - eco-warriors within your home if you decide that it’s going to become a green-friendly space. With that in mind, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right plant for you? Combining the psychological and practical characteristics of plants and their impacts, this list has compiled some possible perfect plants for you.



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Similar-looking to the common daisy, Chamomile is well-known for its soothing nature. “If you’ve got a chaotic lifestyle, and you just want to come home to a little bit of peace and solace, then Chamomile flowers are for you.” Mary Loring, a lifestyle blogger at Writinity and Lastminutewriting, suggests. “Fairly dry soil and cool conditions will make Chamomile feel right at home in your garden, and it’s not at all difficult to grow, even straight from seeds instead of cuttings.” If your mind is constantly filled with anxious thoughts, and your stomach is no stranger to nervous knots, then Chamomile might be the right plant for you to ‘keep calm and carry on’ with.



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However, on the other end of the spectrum, if you want a wild-growing ‘weed’ flower which suits your outgoing and vibrant nature, then look no further than the Dandelion. Out in force over the summer months, you will have no doubt seen them in fields and public parks, but investing in just a few dandelion seeds can turn your lawn from boring to fiendishly beautiful in no time at all! They’re tough, hardy plants, which never give up, and their confident, persevering nature may inspire you to be a little tougher yourself, and not let others attempting to rip you down and get to you.



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“If you’re a little on the shy side, quiet and reserved, then you will probably connect quite a lot with the Fennel plant!” Louis Garner, a health writer at Draft beyond and Research papers UK, says. “In the middle ages, Fennel was believed to be able to ward off evil spirits, but nowadays most people like it because of its aniseed-like taste. If you want a friend to be by your side in the spring, and gently bring life to your garden, then Fennel is the plant for you.”



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Cool and composed - if these words could describe you in any given moment, including in a crisis, then you’ll probably connect to Peppermint the most out of any plant! True to its name, it has a fresh yet peppery smell, which can be delightful to have around the house - consider implementing some Peppermint pots into your kitchen, to constantly remind yourself to take a break if things are getting too much and to be as cool and calm as your Peppermint plants! It’s refreshing and a good surprise for the nose, so it’ll certainly make you jump out of your usual monotone schedule and give you the drive to try new things, but with a calm and collected mindset - Peppermint could be the saving grace for your life, and fit into your household perfectly.



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Echinacea might be the perfect plant for you if you feel that you can relate to its proud, protector-like structure. Its roots are vigorous and strong, and its petals are bold and beautiful, making it a stark and contrasting addition to the garden. You could just use Echinacea as a pretty plant to keep around, but its protective aura will seep through into your household and make all the members, from children to pets, feel secure and safe to be in their home. For someone who loves taking care of others, the Echinacea can be an excellent choice of plant.



Not every plant is perfect for everyone. You’ll need to put some thought into furnishing your garden or home with greenery, and make sure that all the plants which you eventually decide on are right for you and your household - and don’t be afraid to change it up a little! If you’re usually a calm family, but your child is going through some exam stress, invest in a few calming plants to help them on their way. Adapt and change, but always remember to pay attention to the plants and their meanings.

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