How to Choose the Right Strip Curtains for Your Business
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Plastic strip curtains are a prevalent separation material since their inception. Industries and manufacturing units prefer these PVC curtains due to their extensive application and low cost. Strip curtains or, as they are fondly called, strip doors can be connected in your foodservice process to help adjust temperatures amid quarters, make your construction more energy-efficient, and prevent a part from being intruded by flying insects. Understanding how and where you will practice these strip curtains will help decide which variant of strip curtain you need to buy. Read on to know the types and materials used in strip curtains and which application suits your needs.


The dimension of the curtain

The dimensions of the strip curtains you choose are very important since too long curtains will require additional maintenance and too short will not serve the very purpose. A Perfect Strip Curtain should just trace the floor and spread flat beyond the opening 3 to 4 inches. Since your strip curtain needs to be the exact width and height to work suitably, you should know where it will be fitted before buying one. Typical door size is 80 inches tall and 36 inches wide, but strip curtains or doors are available in numerous height and width combinations to serve the variety of commercial door sizes. The most common sizes include 42, 40, and 36 inches wide and 80 and 86 inches tall.


Objects to be defended by them

One of the most common criteria for selecting the door curtain is the traffic it will face. Strip curtains may be located in heavy or light traffic areas. Heavy-traffic areas will generally meet with a clear sum of moveable equipment along with foot traffic; in the case of manufacturing operations, that may mean machines, heated cabins, and other gears mounted on the floor. If your entrance will be used mainly by staff moving mobile equipment and you do not install Clear Plastic Strips PVC intended for enduring heavy traffic, you need to change the strips more often.


The reason behind Selecting PVC Curtains

Door curtains come in a huge variety, however, PVC curtains are people’s choice. Mainstream strip curtains are made of PVC, an artificial plastic polymer. Though, different types of PVC are appropriate for different temperature ranges, starting from -20 to 150 degrees. If your strip curtain will be utilized with a walk-in freezer, you will have to search for a variant made of polar-grade PVC that can survive freezing temperatures since this application requires the strip door to be fitted on the interior of the unit. No matter what the application is, PVC strip curtains would be the best choice.


Ridged Strip Curtains

Ridged PVC Strips are perfect if you are looking for long-lasting PVC strips, as the ribs are compressed first when a vehicle knocks the curtain. This shows that the flat part of the strip will stay stronger till long. Ridged strips are great for inside walkways as well, since they have a natural conflict with static. Static can sometimes accumulate on normal strip curtains, and it can make them tougher for people to run through. The design of the ribs on such PVC strip curtains means that they do not stay close as much, allowing the staff to pass through them easily.


Cleaning Strips

If your strip curtains are not transparent, you may think they are spoiled, when they may simply be dirty. If you mull over all the hazards and pollutions that your strip curtain is blocking, it is destined to get dirty. Just try cleaning them regularly if your strip curtains are looking scratched.


With all this information, you are now ready to hit the market and buy the best strip curtains for your business.




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