How to De-Stress and Relax After a Long Week
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de-stress after a long week


Throughout any given week, life presents its fair share of challenges. Whether you're dealing with cantankerous co-workers or a toddler who won't sleep through the night, stress can creep up on you. Stress is a silent killer, and it's a leading cause of hospital visits. Knowing this, it's best to prioritize stress-reducing tactics as often as possible. After a long week, consider some of the best ways to de-stress and truly relax.

1. Set Up a Pampering Session at Home

If you have a dryer, throw your towel and a bathrobe inside to run for 30 minutes. While the dryer runs, hop in the shower to shave, wash your hair and exfoliate your skin. Once you emerge from the shower, wrap the hot towel around your head. Get cozy in your warm robe against your skin. Find a comfortable chair to sink into, and use a foot exfoliate peel on your feet. Your feet deserve care as they support your body throughout the week. Make this process a weekly ritual in order to feel good and unwind after a long week.

2. Invest in Professional Services

In most cities, there are spas at a number of price points. You don't need to go to the most expensive spa in order to experience great service. Whether you want a deep-tissue massage or a pedicure, find a good salon or spa that can allow you to relax as they do the work for you. While it's really nice to pamper yourself, it can also feel really good when someone does it for you. Maintain a ritual of incorporating both processes.

3. Indulge in a Hobby

Hobbies matter because they allow you to completely immerse yourself in another world. It's also best to indulge in a hobby that's not attached to your work. Living in a capitalistic society, many people continue to turn their hobbies into sources of income. While there's nothing wrong with that, you still need to maintain a hobby that's solely attached to pleasure. If you don't, you won't have an outlet. If you love to dance, go salsa dancing on a Saturday night. If you love photography, take a course. If cooking brings you joy, try new recipes each week. Try not to maintain a hobby of sitting in front of the couch with a beer. Doing that for hours won't actually recharge you.

4. Exercise

Though exercise is an exhausting experience, the endorphin rush is worth its weight in gold. Exercise is an excellent way to manage your stress levels as well. It's not uncommon for people to exercise for an hour after work because it helps them relieve stress and uncomfortable emotions. Exercise looks different for each individual. Some love strength-training workouts. Others love to hang out on the hiking trail. It's okay to diversify your exercise experiences as well. Just be sure that physical activity is a non-negotiable part of your weekend in order to completely de-stress.

5. Monitor Your Diet

Increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits and vegetables. Inflammatory foods can make your blood sugar levels spike. This can lead to a lot of fluctuations in your emotions. Instead of making that hot cup of coffee in the morning, make a green smoothie first. Once you've consumed your smoothie, it's okay to have a small cup of coffee if you still want that caffeinated rush. Monitoring your diet will help you relax more as food serves as fuel. Remember to consider your mental diet as well. Consider the social media apps you're scrolling through. Monitor the amount of time you spend scrolling. Pay attention to the amount of screen time you have with your laptop and television as well. When you're paying so much attention to what everyone else is doing, you'll stress out and miss out on the beauty of your own life.

While some of these activities might take some time to get used to, don't give up on the process of prioritizing your self-care. If you want to live an abundantly joyful life, know that it won't come easily. Challenges will arise that test your ability to let go and live. However, when you learn how to intentionally de-stress and relax, you'll impact your life in some of the most impactful ways. 


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