The Perfect Morning Routine to Set You Up For The Day
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When you have a great morning routine in place, it can completely transform your day. It is fantastic for your wellness and also your physical health, so spending some time crafting a perfect routine is definitely worth it. We’re here to give you an outline of what your routine might look like, to help you feel great first thing and to set you up for the rest of the day. 

Set An Alarm

Our first tip for you to start your morning off right is to set an alarm! Set your morning alarm for two hours before you need to leave the house, so you have enough time to fit in all of the other components. Once you have figured out what time you need to wake up, count back 7-8 hours and that’s what time you need to go to bed to get a good night’s sleep. 

When you leave your alarm as late as possible, you will end up rushing all morning and getting yourself stressed before the day has even begun. So, get organised and wake up early so you can really start the day off right.  

Be Active For 30 Minutes

Once you have given yourself 10 minutes to wake up, go to the toilet and have a little drink, it’s time to get active. Put on your favourite men's or women's gymwear and get started. When you exercise in the morning, it helps to boost your metabolism and energy, as well as reducing fatigue. You will feel so revitalised when you set aside just 30 minutes to get moving in the morning, and you’ll find it helps you sleep much better in the evening. 

What you choose to do for these 30 minutes is completely up to you. It might be going for a nice morning walk with the dog, doing yoga at home, doing a virtual gym class or even heading to the gym (your routine might need to start 30 minutes earlier to allow time for this). Whatever you choose, it will help to clear your mind for the day ahead, to feel more alert and to help reduce stress during the day ahead. 

Have A Balanced Breakfast

So, you’ve exercised and now you’re back and ready for breakfast with around an hour left before you need to leave. Make yourself your favourite hot drink or smoothie and make a nice balanced breakfast that has a good mixture of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. A savoury option would be avocado and poached eggs on toast or a sweet choice that is delicious would be oats cooked with milk, then just as its cooked stir in protein powder and top with peanut butter and fresh fruit. These are delicious breakfasts that will keep you full and satisfied right through to lunchtime, whilst also giving your body and brain an energy boost

Prepare A Healthy Lunch

Now that you’ve eaten, spend around 15 minutes making yourself a healthy work lunch. You may have leftovers from the night before which is great, but if not, make yourself a nice salad or sandwich and take a few healthy snacks like nuts and fruit. Rather than being tempted to get an unhealthy lunch from a takeaway or something that isn’t nutritious, you will have something delicious ready to go! 

Take Your Time Getting Ready 

Last but not least, you’ll have around 30 minutes to take your time getting ready. This could be having a quick shower and taking some time doing your hair and makeup, or you could have a nice bath if it takes you less time to get ready. You could use some of the time to do a nice face mask and a bit of meditation. Of course, if you want this section of your morning to be relaxing, then just get up slightly earlier. This is the ideal time to have a bit of you time before your day begins, to help you unwind and feel ready for the day ahead. 


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