How to Grow Your Hair in the Winter Months
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The cold winter months are upon us and it is sometimes difficult to keep our body healthy. With winter comes dehydration. This is why you really notice the difference in certain areas of your body during this time of the year. More specifically, the changes in your hair texture and health are very noticeable during the winter. You probably notice that it becomes very dry and brittle. Maybe you are even noticing excessive split ends. Read the simple tips below to find out how to grow your hair in the winter months.


Drink Enough Fluids

Water is essential to not only your hair health but your overall body health. If your body is not getting enough daily fluids, your hair certainly will not be. You may have to drink extra fluids around this time of year to ensure that your body is getting enough moisturization to supply for your hair. Try incorporating a half a gallon of water per day minimum. You will really see a difference in all areas of your body if you are drinking enough, especially in your hair.


Get Trims

Getting your hair trimmed during the winter months is really important. The ends of your hair tend to become weak and brittle in the cold, so it is important that you make time to get those ends trimmed off. Try getting a trim once every other month, or more if needed. This gets rid of the problematic split ends, allowing your hair to thrive!


Use Laser Caps

Laser caps are FDA-cleared devices that men and women can use to improve their hair health. These devices use low-level light therapy that is emitted through medical-grade laser diodes to penetrate the scalp. Blood flow is circulated through the scalp area and stimulates the hair follicles promoting new growth. If you are someone whose hair thins out during the winter, these laser caps will be your saving grace. Check out this site for a list of the best laser caps.


Consume Proteins and Vitamins

Your hair is made up of almost entirely proteins. With this being said, it is key that you are consuming enough proteins in your daily diet to keep your hair at its healthiest state. Incorporate foods into your diet that are high in protein. Examples of these foods include eggs, meats, fish, nuts, and spinach.


The nutrients that your hair receives from getting the appropriate vitamins and minerals are also very important. You can get these vitamins from the food groups listed above or you can orally take a multivitamin.



Your hair is bound to struggle during the cold winter months but do not let that stop you from proving otherwise. Follow the tips above and your hair will be looking phenomenal! It is never too late to take care of your hair.



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