How To Make Moving With Pets Less Stressful
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make moving with your pets less stressful

Moving can be a stressful undertaking for everyone. But, this process can be more daunting if you’re doing the relocation with your lovely pets. While the transition can be overwhelming for you, change, on the other hand, can also be difficult for animals who are accustomed with their routines. 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make the move easier and less stressful for your pets. These can include:

Contact Your Veterinarian

Relocating with pets can become less stressful if you contact your veterinarian for health advice. Aside from getting them checked and providing them with the proper medications, you should go to your vet to get copies of your pet's medical records and see if they can recommend another vet in your new place. By doing this, you can make your furry friends healthy plus you can ensure a less stressful transition for everyone involved. 

Hire A Pet-Friendly Moving Company 

If you think about moving to a new home and taking care of your pets at the same time, then, you should consider hiring pet-friendly movers who can help you with the transition. With their knowledge and skills, they can assist you in packing all your stuff while you keep an eye to your pets on the moving day. 

Instead of tackling the moving tasks by yourself, you can entrust the job to a reputable moving company New York City or wherever you may be to ensure a successful relocation experience.                                                                        

Pack An Overnight Kit

Taking care of your pets once you get settled into your new home can be challenging during your first few nights. Thus, it’s important to prepare an overnight kit to make sure you can attend to your animals’ needs while unpacking. 

With a kit in place, you can sustain and make them comfortable after arriving at your new location. Typically, an overnight kit can include enough pet food, litter, grooming tools, toys, and many more. So, prepare these items now and look forward to a hassle-free relocation with pets. 

Keep Your Pets Away From The Action

Animals aren’t great fans of change, which means moving can be stressful for them. Because of such, it’s important to keep them away from the packing action to avoid anxiety. To do this, you should lock up your pets in a quiet room to make sure they don’t hear and witness all the chaos. Remember, the more they get scared about what’s happening, the more they get stressed, which may not be a good thing for your move. 

Stick To Your Pets’ Normal Routine 

As mentioned, pets can get anxious when they’re dealing with unexpected changes. When this happens, you may not be able to get things done properly and effectively. For this reason, it’s best that you stick your animals’ normal routine. You should ensure that your furry friends keep their schedules in terms of meals, breaks, and even walks. 

For instance, if you usually take your pets for a 15-minute walk, then, you shouldn’t skip that routine because you’re packing. Always keep in mind that sticking to their usual routines can help them view the relocation with curiosity and not anxiety and fear. 

Pet-Proof Your New Home

Making the move less stressful to your pets has also something to do with pet-proofing your new home. When you pet-proof your new home, you can make sure your furry friends are safe once you get settled in, thereby making the relocation less stressful to you and to them. To get started with the process, be sure to remove any poisonous houseplants, tuck away electrical cords, eliminate any pest-control poison traps, and install security screens to your windows. 

Bottom Line

While you may not be able to completely eliminate the stress of moving for your pets, following the tips mentioned above can help you make the situation less stressful. Although it can be a lot of work to do, everything will be worth it if you know what to do from the very beginning and where to turn for help. 


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