How To Make Your Log Cabin Kit Home Secure
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keep your log cabin home kit secure

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One thing that might make people hesitate before buying a log cabin kit to build their new home is the ability to keep their new home secure. Many believe that living in a log cabin kit leaves them open to burglaries when compared to a traditionally-built home. Not the case!

Homeowners living in log cabin kit homes, such as those sold by Frontier Log Homes, can keep their home just as safe and secure as any other home. 

Security Systems

Log cabin kit homes can be wired to handle security systems, just like traditionally-built homes. Many falsely assume that log cabins can’t be wired with electric wiring, or that they can’t be wired as well as traditional homes. Log cabins, however, can indeed be wired the same way any other house is wired. Wires are run inside the logs through drilled holes, and they’re connected to a switch box in the basement - which will need to be dug out during the assembly of your log cabin. Sound familiar?

Because log cabins are just as electricity-friendly as a traditional home, this means that they can support security systems as well. Cameras, alarms and intercom systems are just as much an option for log cabin homeowners as they are for any other homeowners, and are definitely something to consider, if you’re worried about securing your home.

Reinforced Locks and Doors

Many may also assume that log cabins require wooden doors, or that they’re more fragile than traditional homes, thus making them easier to break into. This myth is easily debunked.

Log cabin kits provide the initial home for new homeowners. However, this doesn’t mean that the homeowners need to stick to the floor plan for the rest of their lives. Doors can easily be swapped out for more reinforced doors, and locks can be replaced with stronger locks and deadbolts.

These simple steps can make a huge difference in making your log cabin far more safe and secure, and give your family peace of mind.

Benefits of Extra Security

Many who look at log cabin kits may be looking to save some money, and as such, may not be willing to extend their budget to add in extra security. Depending on the location, extra security may not be needed. But for those worried about their home’s security, they should heavily consider taking some of the aforementioned steps to make their log cabin home safer.


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