How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Sanctuary
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Many people are more than willing to pay good money for a little peace that quiet and pampering spas provide. However, did you know that you can recreate that same experience right in the privacy of your own bathroom? With only a few upgrades and strategic moves, you can turn your regular bathroom into a private spa-like sanctuary.


Uncluttered space—uncluttered mind

The least you can do to improve your bathroom is to keep it clean and clutter-free. Clutter has many negative effects on the human mind (it boosts stress and stands in the way of relaxation and mindfulness), so make sure to clean out your countertops, remove any garbage, and bring accessories to a minimum.




Install relaxing lighting

Bright LEDs will provide you with enough illumination for makeup or shaving and help you conserve energy, but they are not exactly kind on the eyes. So, make sure to install dimmers, and bring in some candles for a bit of an atmosphere.


Forget about toxic cleaning products

If you really want to make the bathroom your safe space, you must rid it of all toxic products. Harsh cleaners and disinfectants will affect your indoor air quality, cause potential health issues (especially in allergy and asthma sufferers), and release its toxins into the environment. Luckily, there are natural ways you can keep your bathroom clean, and you and your family healthy. If you’re interested in becoming even greener (and we all should), here are some other great ways you can “greenovate” your bathroom”.



Fill it with aromatherapy

If you want to recreate those expensive spa experiences in the privacy of your home, make sure to bring scents into your space that will engage your senses. Get a few fragrant candles or incense to spread your favorite aromas all over your bathroom. You could also load up on aromatic hand and body creams and lotions. There are products from L'Occitane that will give you a relaxing spa feeling during both your bath and your after treatment. They will hydrate your skin and leave you smelling fresh and seductive!


Boost your showers

For an ultimate spa experience, make sure to invest in high-tech showerheads that will make even the best spas jealous of your shower sessions. There are some amazing hand-held showers, but rain showers offer a unique and relaxing feeling that will make you feel like you’re taking a shower in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. However, if you’re into good water massage, you can combine your rain showerhead with strong jets, which will help you relax the stiff muscles and soothe your tired body.



Welcome nature into your bathroom

A new trend of Biophilia promotes the unity of humans with nature and it encourages mixing of indoor and outdoor spaces. So, if you want to join the trend and reap the benefits it brings, make sure to introduce greenery into your bathroom. Spider plants, orchids, and snake plants all grow very well in bathrooms providing you with fresh oxygen, cleaner air, and a pop or relaxing green.


Play relaxing music

If you love some entertainment while you’re taking a bath, you can go ahead and mount a little TV in your bathroom. This will provide you with interesting content, but it will certainly not help you relax. Instead, get some water-proof speakers and play some chill music that will put you into the right frame of mind for relaxation.



Bring in the softness

A set of quality towels will give you a soft hug when you exit your bath or shower and additionally boost your relaxation. You can even install towel warmers that will treat you with warm linen, bathrobe, and slippers. You’ll love this added luxury, especially in the winter.



Include beautiful furniture

If you feel like your bathroom lacks warmth and coziness, make sure to get a few homey furniture pieces and incorporate them into your bathroom design. Custom vanities are probably your best choice since they have that Old Hollywood vibe, plus they’re practical and timeless. You can also introduce a cozy armchair, which can come in handy during after-bath care and pampering. Just sit back, and take your time getting ready and fresh in your comfy chair.


As you can see, you don’t have to spend money on expensive spa sessions when you can recreate the same experience in your bathroom. Just don’t forget to actually make time to use your spa-like bathroom sanctuary!

Guest post by Chloe Taylor



About the Author

Chloe is an interior design consultant from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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