How Green Cleaning Can Change Your Life
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I used to hear a great deal about green cleaning and how we should make the switch to more natural cleaning products, but I never really took it seriously until one day I read an article about the effect many of the detergents we use have on our skin. You see I have a few allergies and I have always fought hard to see to it that my home is spotless, because I believed allergens were only found on dusty floors. To my shock though, the article also blamed it on chemicals in the soaps we use, especially the perfumed ones.


With a lot of scepticism, I gave green cleaning a chance and the result was amazing. I am now a fool believer in green cleaning and in this article, I will try to sway you to adopt it as well and see how it will change your life.


My child’s asthma is under control

I am not the only one in the family with asthma; my son too gets asthma attacks every now and then. I invested a lot in finding the best vacuums to use and they did do a good job of reducing the allergens in the air, but somehow there were still sometimes when after cleaning my son would get a slight asthma attack. When I stopped using the perfumed cleaning detergents for the floor and those antibacterial soaps, it was amazing that the young boy was no longer being affected whenever I did the cleaning of the house.


No more eczema

I used to have reoccurring eczema and I did not realize that the very measures I was taking to fight it were the ones bringing it. You see the antibacterial washing liquid I was using for the dishes was actually causing it, and according to the article I read, it was aggravating the situation. I then changed to using ordinary soap and a bit of lemon for a fresh smell and it worked wonders for my skin. If you are having allergy problems, I would recommend you make the switch today and see how it will change your life.


Cut down on cleaning expense

I was spending quite a lot buying different kinds of cleaning solutions which give big promises on their labels and in advertisements. When I made the switch to natural cleaning ingredients like vinegar and baking soda, I realized I was saving a lot and yet my home remains as clean as ever. Off course I also had the help of a trusted vacuum cleaner which would get rid of the dirt, pet hair and allergens on the floor before I followed up with a mop and my natural cleaning ingredients.


Natural freshness in the air

You probably may not notice it while you are using those perfumed detergents that supposedly clean the air, but the smell they leave behind in the air is very chemical. It is after I made the switch that I realized how pure the air can be when you use natural ingredients. I also used to worry about some of the ingredients in the cleaning solutions I bought since the manufacturers are not as transparent about what chemicals they use. With green cleaning, however, you are sure of the ingredients you are using since you choose them and mix them up yourself, so as you breathe in the air in your living room, you know it is pure and fresh.


Less Guilt

I think we all share a certain amount of guilt whenever we see documentaries and news reports about air and water pollution. We know that the cleaning solutions we use end up in the water and damage the environment. When I adopted green cleaning, I somehow began to feel like I am doing my part to save the environment, so now it is the other mothers out there who are polluting the water.


Right now if I was to highlight one benefit of green cleaning, I would say it is the fact that it contributes to a healthier lifestyle. It is not enough to eat right, our bodies are exposed to a lot more dangerous substances in the chemicals that are used in cleaning solutions, so making the switch to greener and natural options will ensure that we are healthier. I hope you will give it a try and see how it will change your life.

Guest post by Carol Bell




About the Author

Carol is a wonderful woman in her 40s with a passion for all things clean, neat, and tidy. When she is not maintaining her home, she writes for, a resource website on vacuuming.



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