How to Use Brush Cutters to Get the Best Results?
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how to use brush cutters

Brush cutters are also known as clearing saw or brush saw and are used to cut small trees, trim weeds, and other types of foliage that may not be easy for a rotary mower. Different types of trimmer heads or blades can be connected to this powered garden tool for various applications. Using brush cutters in a correct way is very important because, unlike a lawnmower, the direction of operator movement is crucial in getting a desirable cut. 

In the following sections, we will take a look at this point and some others that can help in ensuring that every time it is used, the results are perfect, and cutting is achieved as clean as possible.

The right way of using the machine 

The blade of brush cutters rotates in an anti-clockwise direction, and so a definite cutting zone has to be maintained at all times by an operator. Therefore, while cutting, an operator has to move from right to left as the cutting area extends from the blade top to 90 degrees left. So, it is important to introduce the blade slowly within vegetation that needs cutting so as to ensure that the head comes in contact with the cutting material in a gradual manner. 

If these instructions are not adhered to correctly, any part of the blade may hit a thick branch, and the machine can recoil towards the user. Likewise, using a chopping motion with the machine can be counter-effective as branches can cover the head, and the machine may emit smoke and stop operation due to overheating.

The type of power to be used 

Brush cutters are available in three types of power options – battery operated, gas engines, and an electric motor. A battery-operated machine is portable and features a cordless electric motor. This type of cutters can be used for light cutting and with the best results. A gas engine cutter can either be two-stroke or four-stroke and offers considerable power compared to all the rest. A cutter with an electric motor can be ideal for medium-cutting jobs, and they always need the mains power to work consistently. That is why, at times, their area of operation can be limited compared to the other two types.

The blade must be observed periodically 

One of the most important components of brush cutters is their blades as they are the ones that help in achieving effective cutting. Therefore, the sharpness of these blades must be checked out regularly to ensure that the best cut is achieved at all times. The life of these blades can depend on the type of object that is being cut and the frequency of operation. If the machine is being used to cut hard branches, the blade may have to be sharpened daily. Therefore, it is advisable to check the blade sharpness before every use.

Safety should never be compromised

Brush cutters are heavy-duty machines and can be hazardous if not used properly. A machine without a handlebar and harness should not be used under any condition as it may throw debris back at the user during operation. Its handlebar helps in controlling the machine adequately, and without it, the chances of accident occurrence can be quite high. It is also important not to use the machine within a distance of 50 feet from other people as it can throw junk with force back at the user.

Adhering to all these points correctly can certainly help any user to get the best result from a brush cutter machine. Also, depending upon one’s choice, working area, and preference, the best machine with the right power option can be selected so that desirable cutting can be achieved within an area.


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