How You Can Help People in Your Community

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Have you ever felt like you wanted to do more to help your community but aren't sure where to start? You could make kits for homeless people or donate toys or diapers to a woman's shelter, but those costs can add up. It's good to do as often as possible, but it might not always be a sustainable long-term way to help. Here are some other ways that you can help out in your community. 

Volunteer Your Time

You can be quite confident that there will be no shortage of volunteers needed in community outreach programs in your area. While helping feed people in need is one of the most common ways to volunteer, other areas also need help.

Some organizations, like an outreach mission Brooklyn NY, need people who are willing to sleep over one or two nights a week and help wake up the people staying there. You'd be responsible for making coffee and getting small breakfast items out for the participants. Your main goal would be to serve as a chaperone in case anything happened.

Another important volunteer opportunity is visiting people in hospitals, whether children or adults. Many people are sick and don't have loved ones that come to see them or can't come often. You could sit and do storytime for the children or read a few chapters of a patient's favorite book. 

Clean-Up Trash

Trash littering the roads and curb strip doesn't do anything to help the community. While most cities have street sweepers that periodically clean up the roads, that isn't always enough to keep things clean.

Before heading out, gather a few garbage bags and a couple of friends, and decide what areas you want to work on. Ensure that everyone has a bright vest or item of clothing, so they are easily seen and some work gloves. Cleaning even just a few streets a week can make a world of difference in your community.


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