Interior Design Trends [Infographic]
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interior design trends 2023

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The last few years have made us reconsider our lifestyles. We've found ourselves spending more time at home, and we've realised how crucial it is to have a comfortable and pleasant environment. If there's one thing, we can all agree on, it's that comfort is essential. The many confinements of the previous year have demonstrated how much more joyful life can be when our living space is as inviting as possible.

Our design experts have compiled a list of the top home décor and interior design trends to watch. With this knowledge, you should be able to design a home that is on-trend but will last for many years.

The design has evolved over the previous few decades as a means of pushing boundaries, breaking conventions, and challenging established standards. Designers have begun to make personal statements in recent years that aren't only about their work, but also about themselves and the people who will occupy their design pieces. As a result, we decided to take a look at what we believe will be the most popular interior and home decor trends.

The aesthetics of clean and eco-friendly places are taking a front seat as interior design embraces a natural and sustainable approach.

The minimalism trend is still strong, with echoes of the 1970s providing the most design inspiration this year. You can choose to adopt one of these trendy styles or mix and match them to create your own distinctive aesthetic, with so many fresh interior trends being produced.

Eco-design and sustainability are becoming increasingly fashionable among homeowners. Interior design trends will emphasise natural-element-styled spaces and sustainability.

Over at EZ Living Interiors, they have created an infographic which takes a look at the upcoming trends.

interior design trends 


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