Interview with Dutch Social Entrepreneur Nick van Breda

Nick van Breda


Nick van Breda is a serial social entrepreneur from the Netherlands, who helped 80.000 individuals in becoming entrepreneurial during the period between 2014 and 2019.


Nick setup several NGO's and was Board member of TEC Entrepreneurship Honours programme, a weekly mentee Program for starting entrepreneurs (Wantrepreneurs).


He wrote over 150 articles for 1.6 million readers via Articulum, Startup Grind, Influencive & Linkedin Pulse.


He loves to co-create unconventional events that spark innovation. Today, he is running communities in Education Technology and Sustainable living + tech development related communities, fastening the speed of transition around the globe by empowering 150 high influence communities. He is an advocate of global citizenship.

Nick organized & scaled impact events like Future Flux Festival, representing the new Makers.


He also organized and helped 85+ hackathons create innovative solutions for SDG’s, business challenges, schools, municipalities and the Ministry of Education since 2014.


He has spoken at Innovation, Science & Technology conferences in Brazil, San Francisco, New York, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Thailand & China so far.


Now, Nick is on the mission to train 1 million people under the age of 30 to turn their activism and insecurities into their skills to make a positive impact and live a life in abundance.


Websites to visit:

Nick van Breda


Startup Impact Series





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