Meet Daily Bits Of, a Platform For Bite-Sized Learning
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Daily Bits Of is a free learning platform that allows people with passion for personal development subscribe to courses and receive daily nuggets of knowledge right to their inbox.


This is a great solution for those who strive to become better versions of themselves, but are too busy to make time in their hectic schedules for watching videos or reading lengthy materials for self-growth.


Founders of the platform experienced this problem themselves, “We got tired of buying books and online courses which remained untouched and unused, causing us nothing but anxiety. That is why we created Daily Bits Of.”


Daily Bits Of is on mission to democratize the world with free and distributed learning. The platform delivers daily courses in a convenient bite-sized format, turning learning into a stress free experience. What’s more, users don’t have to install any apps or download any files. All they have to do is to subscribe to the course of their choice and the platform will send daily emails with small actionable insights that users can instantly put to practice. This is actually one of the greatest advantages of the platform since users can start learning whenever it’s convenient for them. And it won’t take too much of their time as the course on Daily Bits Of lasts on average about 2 minutes.


Currently, Daily Bits Of offers over 100 courses on different topics in 3 categories: Health & Fitness, Work & Career, Family & Relationships. Since Daily Bits Of is a platform founded in Stockholm (Sweden), some of the courses are in Swedish language only. However, the platform offers a great variety of courses in English too.


For people who wish to become thought leaders in their field and share their expertise with others, Daily Bits Of provides a great opportunity to create courses on the platform and impact the world with their unique knowledge and useful tips. Daily Bits Of has already exceeded the milestone of 18 000 subscribers. But the platform goes beyond helping creators of courses increase their fan base. Daily Bits Of also enables teachers build long-term relationships with subscribers.


Visit Daily Bits Of website to learn more about the platform and how it works.  


By Natalie Myhalnytska



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