Meet Seamore, a Healthy and Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Wheat Pasta
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The other day, during his vacation on Ibiza in 2013, Seamore founder Willem Sodderland went to the restaurant with his wife. They ordered a seaweed salad. To their surprise, there was a startling resemblance between seaweed salad that they ordered and traditional green pasta tagliatelle. Even after chef tried to convince them that it was just a seaweed, Willem and his wife still couldn’t believe it.


Upon his return to the Netherlands, Willem decided to start his seaweed experiment. He ordered a few boxes of seaweed from Ireland and began cooking different meals, using seaweed and mixing ingredients so that other people wouldn’t be able to distinguish it from wheat pasta.


His experiment was a success. People who tasted his meals gave positive feedback although they didn’t know that they actually ate seaweed.


As a result, Willem decided to create his first product I sea pasta, which is a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional wheat pasta since no extra water, land, pesticides or fertilizers are required for it to grow.


According to founder, I sea pasta is being harvested sustainably on the West Coast of Ireland. During the harvesting process, the quality of water and seaweed is closely monitored.


People who cooked I sea pasta combined it with salads, fish, meat, chicken, veggies, cheese, and even ended up adding it to bolognese, lasagna, soups and creamy sauces.

I sea pasta, according to Seamore founder, has several advantages over traditional wheat pasta. It contains such essential minerals as iodine, magnesium, selenium, zinc, calcium, iron and copper. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, omega 3 and proteins. Consumption of I sea pasta will also help you to reduce your carb intake and, because it’s fiber-rich, you’ll be able to stay full for longer.


You can learn more about I sea pasta here. Watch video about Seamore here.

I sea pasta is also available on Amazon.



by Natalie Myhalnytska


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