Patio Furniture: Fresh Design Trends
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It's never too early to start thinking about great furniture options for the next season. The best thing is that outdoor pieces don't go out of style as easily as other home décor elements. Some aspects of patio furniture, like quality materials, a weather-resistant design and comfy cushions will always be popular.


Whether you're sprucing up your patio for the first time, or have decided to replace the current setup, here are the six tips on having the best looking patio in the neighbourhood.


Dual-purpose furniture

As a way to effectively solve the lack of space, dual-purpose patio furniture is predominantly used on balconies and smaller backyards. However, it doesn't mean it can't feel at home in larger spaces as well. A typical way of using this kind of furniture is as storage for cushions and blankets during bad weather, but that's only the tip of the iceberg of its space-saving capabilities.


Some DIY-savvy homeowners have found ways to turn patio ottomans into outdoor coolers. In the general theme of 2019, dual-purpose furniture isn't so much of a novelty as it's a simple and functional solution for lack of space.


Blurring indoor and outdoor

The idea of blurring the line between indoor and outdoor isn't a new concept since, from antiquity, upper and middle-class families in the Mediterranean have had houses with courtyards that extended into large gardens inside. While such excessive examples aren't so common today, what remains is human nature to enjoy blending indoors and outdoors.


Taking a pivotal turn from flimsy, plastic, furniture of the 1980s, today's outdoor furniture shows a lot more style and design, just like indoor collections. The popularity of outdoor kitchens and dining spaces has made the trend even more prominent in 2019.


patio furniture


Mixed materials

The trend which started growing in popularity in 2018 is still strong in 2019. For instance, current outdoor furniture collections in Sydney suggest that many mixed material pieces draw inspiration from upper-class harbour bay living, while others represent a purely modernistic homage to timeless Hollywood designs.


Among the most prominent examples, you can find wicker chairs with steel base, powder-coated aluminium framings with organic woven details, and the celebrated but low-key director's chair and the derived dining table that combine powder-coated framing and teak.


Fire pits

Even if initially the thought of having a fire pit on your patio might not sound so safe, a fire pit is a great way of elevating your patio's style. Coming in plenty of options and designs, a fire pit can easily become a focal point of your patio. While some models are permanent fixtures, most natural gas, and propane-fuelled fire bowls are portable, which makes them ideal for people with landlords. Another interesting portable solution is the chimenea. Popular in Mexico and Spanish-speaking America, chimeneas are traditionally made of clay and used for heating and cooking outdoors.


patio furniture


Outdoor lighting

While lighting doesn't strictly fall unto patio furniture, no great patio is complete without it. Having the right lighting game can make a huge difference when entertaining family and friends, as well as relaxing on your patio with your better half.


In 2019, finding smart LEDs is easier than ever. Now you can control the intensity of lighting around your patio by your phone. If you prefer traditional solutions, hanging warm white string lights is often what it takes to make your patio pop up a notch. Most outdoor string lights are storm-proof, so you don't have to remove them in bad weather.


Colourful details

Using colourful accents to spice up your patio is a big trend of 2019. As a relatively inexpensive idea, you can use recycled plastic furniture to increase the element of fun. Recycled furniture isn't only sustainable, but it's colours are highly resistant to fading, since the plastic compound it's made of contains UV-inhibited pigments. Another idea of adding colour to your outdoor sitting area is to throw some pillows. If you want them to last longer, look for those with UV resistant pillowcases.


Looking at these six trends we can't miss the general idea of a patio as an extension of the indoor space. Every aspect of outdoor living capitalizes on increasing comfort and blurring the differences between the living/dining room and the garden.

Written by Lillian Connors



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