Popular Products Causing Deforestation [Infographic]
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This year, we have seen global warming reach crisis point, with the Amazon forest fires, melting ice caps, diminishing resources and dramatic changes in our weather conditions. People are starting to realise that we need to make changes in our lifestyles to help the situation.


There are many factors contributing to climate change, however, one of the biggest ones is deforestation. Around the world, millions of trees are being cut down, destroying habitats and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Many people don’t realise that one of the biggest causes of deforestation is our diet. Unfortunately, many of the food items we like to eat require a long and demanding process to grow, package and ship them to our countries. And as demand for these products increases, more farmland is needed to grow these products in greater quantities. This leads to mass deforestation to keep up with high demand.


Meat, soybeans and palm oil are huge catalysts in the deforestation crisis because of the amount of farmland they require. But at what cost will we continue to endorse the production of items that are killing the planet we live on? This infographic created by the team at Mainland Aggregates looks at the current deforestation crisis and which popular products are responsible.





In order to help the planet, we need to be more mindful about the products we’re buying. At the moment, not enough people are aware of the true cost of certain things they like to buy. However, people are starting to realise how serious the current environmental crisis is. Around the world, millions are protesting in the hope that we can make changes for the better when it comes to the environment. Whilst not all the damage can be undone, small changes such as adopting more mindful shopping habits can make a big difference. Hopefully, as awareness of the issue grows, more people will start to take action.



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