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Every person on the planet produces on average five tons of waste a year – it is no wonder that the planet is struggling. The only solution is to find better ways of living. Becoming sustainable, and reducing our carbon footprint, is increasingly difficult in the modern world. However, with some trepidation, experts have been predicting how we can improve our sustainability. By looking to the future, we can start living in a conscious way that will ultimately repair the land we live on and the air that we breathe.


The kickback against plastics

It is common for mainstream organizations to use psychics for predictions about what is to come. Are psychics real in their visions for sustainability for the 2020s? Both pre-cogs and scientists are united with a clear vision: we will continue to rally against the use of plastic in a major way. The analysis is clear: 8 million tons end up in the ocean every single year and 83% of our drinking water has plastic fibers in it. As soon as we start damaging our own bodies, as well as the planet, then everyone begins to sit up and listen.


Climate change will affect migration

Climate change is not a myth as some people would like to believe. Experts from Bentley University are predicting that human migration patterns will become influenced by climate change. Average temperatures around the world are no higher than the pre-industrial period. We are seeing fires burning out of control, even in the Arctic. There are superstorms, record floods, cold snaps and heat waves. As these continue and worsen, migration could become the only option. Unless we live more sustainably, we will pass the tipping point.


Replanting the trees

In the past 50 years, we have destroyed of the rainforests. This has led to the mass extinction of thousands of species. Biodiversity is in a complete freefall and that is caused purely by the greed and stupidity of the human race. If we want to battle climate change, then we need to plant a trillion trees. The 2020s is the time to start - a few little seedlings can make all the difference.


With a new decade approaching, we need to think about the future of the planet. With hope, experts are predicting that the balance will change and we will begin to live in a more sustainable way.

Written by Sally Collins



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