Reuse & Recycle: 4 Tips For Making Use Of Leftover Promotional Products

reuse and recycle


Promotional products are some of the most versatile items to have in your possession. However, if you’ve just spent a significant portion of your marketing budget on promotional items for an event, only to find you didn’t even use half of them, don’t despair. There are numerous other ways to improve your business, increase your revenue-generating capabilities, and impress your clients with these leftover goodies. If you’re unsure of where to start, try these four tips.

1. Keep Them For Photoshoots

Photos are a great way to boost engagement on your social channels. You already have your branding in place. You already have the items that most likely relate to a product or service you offer. So, why not use your leftover promotional items to stage a mini photoshoot? 

All you need is a white sheet, some great light, and a good camera. If you have a hobbyist photographer on your team, this is the perfect opportunity to let them shine. You can make the pictures fun and playful by adding decorative objects, like miniature figurines, into the shots. Alternatively, you can keep it classy with the white background. 

2. Use Them In New Promotional Campaigns

Often, unused promotional items seem to disperse themselves around the office, slowly becoming part of the team’s utensils. However, if you’re interested in using the products to bring in fresh leads and increase your revenue-generation, make a point of reusing them. 

If you have a variety of different items, group them together into a decorative basket. Add in a variety of chocolates and candy, wrap it in clear cellophane and finish it off the bow – you now have the perfect gift to use in a social media competition. Use it to increase your social media following, or ask customers to sign up for your email newsletter to enter the draw. 

3. Repurpose Promotional Products As Client Gifts

Marketing and promotional products make wonderful client gifts. Keep a calendar of important events, like birthdays and industry-specific celebrations, and include your promotional products in a beautiful gift hamper. Another unique touch to consider is to mark the date your new client signed on with you by sending them a gift on that day each year. 

Having a store of beautifully made promotional products is extremely useful as they allow you to come up with impressive gifts with very little planning. You simply have to remain organised enough to keep a calendar and pay for the delivery of your gifts. This will boost your customer retention rates and add a personalised touch to the way in which you do business. 

4. Implement Them Into Your Morale-Boosting Efforts

Did you know that one of the defining characteristics of a high functioning and productive team is fun? A sense of enjoyment in the workplace is the single-most powerful predictor of how productive staff will be. You can introduce more fun by having a casual games day once a week – Fridays usually work well. Have the team gather around once a week for an hour to participate in their favourite games. The winner gets to take home one of your promotional items. Improving morale is an important exercise if you’re to keep a happy team. 

Your Brand Makes It Valuable

Promotional items are easily used again and again. You just need to apply some creativity to come up with the best plan based on your business, your goals, and your promotional products. Gather your team together to exchange ideas and come up with creative campaigns. 


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