Selfridges Launched ‘Material World’ Campaign to Promote Sustainable Fashion
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London-based department store Selfridges launched MATERIAL WORLD campaign aimed to raise awareness of the impact of fashion industry on the environment and advance conversation around developments in sustainable fashion design and retailing.


Linda Hewson, Selfridges creative director, said, “We are a shop selling “stuff”, so let’s take a closer look at the very materiality that makes it. MATERIAL WORLD will examine sustainable textile development, with a focus on social, local and global production stories. The project will explore current problems and their impact as well as presenting solutions and ideas, with honesty and humour, in a retail environment. Through MATERIAL WORLD we want to invite consumers and the industry to refashion the way we think about our clothes, and how we talk about sustainability.”



The campaign highlights personal product stories around the world’s 8 most popular materials – leather, luxury fibres, cotton, denim, linen, plastic, wool, viscose - and presents the best practice for their use and manufacture. Each material is represented by a young brand or label, which is championing ways of solving some of the biggest threats to our environment and stands out with its responsible, ethical approach to fashion. Meet all 8 designers and check out their products here.



With its new campaign, Selfridges also aims to encourage consumers to buy products from sustainable brands to inspire change. “Here at Selfridges we want to use our position to inspire our people, partners and customers to respect our environment and champion sustainable products that contribute to healthy and happy communities. In short: we want to buy better and inspire change.”


To make it possible, Selfridges not only presented sustainable products from emerging designers online, but also dedicated each of its world-famous Oxford Street windows to a material, featuring an emerging label leading the way with its stylish solution to some of the biggest problems we face.


For more details about campaign, click here.


 by Natalie Myhalnytska


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