Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Safe
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keep your home safe

Many individuals use the summer months to vacation. Whether you are taking a day trip to the beach or going camping on the weekend, it is essential to protect your home when you are away. It is difficult to predict a robbery, and you can remain prepared by optimizing your property’s security.

Safety specialists and engineers worked together, developing the most effective residential technology. Cameras, motion detection sensors, Wi-Fi connections and more can enhance your home’s security. When homeowners install adequate technology and alter their lockdown practices, they can ensure the protection of their valuables.  

Automated Locks

Installing smart locks can increase the accuracy of your security routine. In case you forget to secure your doors when you leave the house, a smart system will recognize your distance from the property and engage the lock autonomously. You can also use the voice activation feature, telling the device to lock when your keys are out of reach.

The system also connects to the homeowner’s smartphone or tablet, helping them open the door when they are away from the property. The smart lock is handy if you have a dog walker coming over while you are away. The auto-lock feature also engages after a door remains unsecured for some time.

Smart Lights

Many security professionals recommend keeping a light on inside when you leave for extended periods. Smart lights enhance the efficiency and security of your home’s system by connecting to a smartphone or tablet. You can control the bulbs from anywhere on your app, turning them on, off and dimming their brightness.

Additionally, you may program them, establishing an away mode. Depending on the setting, the system will turn on a light when you are gone during certain hours. You can also place light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs in the device, decreasing energy use and increasing the system’s longevity.

Park In the Driveway  

Many individuals believe parking in the garage is the best way to secure their valuables. Though placing expensive items in locked areas on your property is essential, professionals suggest keeping a car in your driveway. Leaving a vehicle in a visible location from the street indicates that someone is home.

Before leaving for your trip, you should remove all valuable items from the car and place them in a more secure location. Additionally, you may check that the vehicle is locked and that you take the keys with you on your travels. Vacant homes attract burglars, and parking in the driveway may generate the perception of an occupied residence.

Video Recording Doorbell

Installing video recording doorbells can collect valuable footage of visitors and deter thieves from entering. They utilize motion detection sensors, recording all individuals or animals that approach your property. Additionally, you can upload your footage to a neighborhood cloud platform, helping secure other homes.

The device uses light-emitting diode (LED) lighting to access color footage at night. Video recording doorbells protect against intruders and package theft. They also connect to your smartphone or tablet, helping the homeowners examine their property’s occupancy when they are away.

Smart Smoke Alarm

Conventional smoke alarms are beneficial when individuals are home. Unfortunately, fires can occur when homeowners are traveling, reducing their ability to limit destruction. Engineers developed smart smoke alarms, enhancing one’s range of abilities.

The device detects smoke and carbon monoxide, alerting your smartphone when your home enters the danger zone. They also send silent reminders to your phone when batteries are running low, rather than beeping in the middle of the night. Homeowners can program the gadget to turn off the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system when it detects smoke and notify the police.

Illuminate Your Yard

Lighting up your yard when you are out of town can prevent intruders from approaching in two ways. First, it generates the illusion that someone is home, requiring an illumination of the property. Second, the lights can create a more precise image for surrounding video cameras to capture.

Homeowners can install solar-powered LED lights outside, increasing the efficiency and reliability of the system. When sunlight charges the devices during the day, it eliminates human interference. The lights will illuminate every evening, enhancing the security of a property and increasing the system’s longevity.

Place Valuables in a Safe

Security professionals also suggest placing expensive items in a home safe. When purchasing a home safe, you may evaluate its efficiency features. Installing a heavy device can deter thieves from carrying it out of the house when they face limited internal access.

Homeowners should also consider the device’s resistance against additional damage from flooding and other disaster effects. If you keep important paper documents inside the safe, its internal temperature should remain below 350 degrees. Individuals can place their safes in secured locations, concealed in a wall or bolted down to the floor.

Lock Your Garage

Many residents forget to lock their garage doors, thinking the majority of valuables remain in the house. Though individuals typically keep their most important documents and items inside, the garage holds expensive items as well. You can protect your vehicles, bikes, lawnmowers, tools and more from robbery by enhancing the security of your entire property.

When you leave for a trip, it may be helpful to bring your automatic remote openers with you. You may always close your garage door and keep it locked when your home is vacant. If you have a window into your garage, you can hide valuables out of the external view by placing them behind a curtain or in a blind spot.

Increase Safety by Reducing Stress

As you lock up your home before a trip, remaining mindful is essential. Individuals make mistakes under pressure when anxiety is high, so staying grounded can reduce errors. You can create a security checklist before you leave your house, ensuring the complete protection of your property efficiently and effectively. 


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