Naturally Green : Sustainability-driven Innovation at WolfVision Inc.

A few decades ago most companies didn’t regard sustainability as a central concept in business. Rather, sustainability practices were treated as a way to tackle ecological issues and enhance corporate image and value of brands. Proactive approach and compliance with environmental regulations allowed companies to maintain their presence in the existing markets and enabled successful entrance to the markets with more stringent requirements and demanding consumers.


Company that successfully addressed ecological problems and enhanced environmental performance of its products/services was rewarded with a status of a "good corporate citizen” and positive feedback in the press and throughout business world. "Green pioneers” had advantage over competitors and were dubbed as "trend-setters” within their industries.


Recently, sustainability concept acquired more profound meaning. Most companies admitted that new approaches towards stewardship of resources and waste management enabled them to come up with more innovative product ideas. Sustainability has become a game changer as lots of businesses learnt to produce better products by using less resources or by finding substitutes. Nowadays, the increasing number of companies are practising the integration of sustainability into all operations and put it in the heart of their corporate philosophy. This not only affects their bottom line, but allows them to create the "products of tomorrow”.


One of such innovative companies is WolfVision GmbH, a worldwide provider of products and services for efficient knowledge transfer and acknowledged "technology leader” in the Visualizer and presentation solutions market. The company is headquartered in Austria and employs approximately 100 people.


During more than 40 years of its operation, WolfVision has delivered innovative, reliable, user-friendly, high performance presentation solutions to the market and established itself as a company that takes the lead and sets standards in its industry worldwide.


Among WolfVision’s customers are The US Supreme Court, the universities of Harvard, Heidelberg and Tokyo, University College London, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Audi, Porsche, Nike, Cisco, NASA.


WolfVision makes significant investment into R&D and underscores that innovation, quality and sustainability are 3 main pillars of its corporate strategy. However, social and ecological responsibility has always been a priority at  WolfVision and company went beyond the practices stipulated by the mandatory regulations. Whatever is done at the company, it is performed with consumer and environment in mind. Company has been practising a close collaboration with customers to understand their needs and gain insights into how company’s product can be improved. Moreover, WolfVision stands for openness and integrity in a dialogue with customers.


Customer’s satisfaction and delight are of a great importance to WolfVision, therefore the company strives to meet their needs by offering the most comprehensive range of both Desktop and Ceiling Visualizers of an excellent quality. WolfVision product’s manufacturing and assembling is done in Austria/Europe and company makes sure that only high end components are used in the production process. 


Outstanding mechanical stability has always been a basic requirement for all WolfVision products. The team of company’s engineers constantly works on new electronic features and further improvements in picture quality. WolfVision believes that if customers win, company wins too.


Sustainability at WolfVision is ingrained in the company’s DNA. WolfVision understands that sustainability has a lot to do with employees, therefore company recognizes them as the most important resource in its business activities. WolfVision supports employee’s desire to innovate and contribute into sustainable development of the company. Employees are provided with a healthy work environment that fosters a culture of respect, trust, cooperation, mutual learning at all levels and environmentally friendly behavior. To curb CO2 traffic emissions, company covers the travel costs for those employees wishing to take public transport. Employees that come to work by bike are offered shower and locker room facilities.


Company's building and all manufacturing processes are oriented on minimal energy consumption and high energy efficiency. Furthermore, energy balance is checked by continuous energy monitoring.


Purchasing practices at WolfVision also express company’s ecological responsibility and commitment to environment : 90% of materials are supplied by local/nearby vendors, company set specific delivery intervals, type of packaging and lot sizes. Such approach allows to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Supplier Quick Test on the WolfVision website enables suppliers to identify whether they are right partners for the company and decide for themselves whether they can meet company’s requirements. Ecology is an important selection criteria for WolfVision, whether for the materials used, processes or packaging, or with regard to location.


Environmental awareness stirred company to think from other perspective regarding product innovation and development. Apart from focus on high quality of components that provide outstanding imaging performance, WolfVision hardware is fully environmentally friendly and compatible. WolfVision Visualizers are more than 95% recyclable. LED & firmware reduces the energy consumption of Visualizers by 64%. WolfVision products do not contain any hazardous chemicals or materials, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium. Company fully assumed responsibility for environmental friendly disposal of its products. WolfVision recycles such materials as plastic, glass, wood, paper, chemicals.


Company gives its customers a 5 year guarantee on its products. It serves as another evidence, that WolfVision isn’t merely confident in its products, but also gradually raises the bar for its performance and places a greater demand on itself.


Full awareness of subsequent generations and the world is part of the company’s nature. As it is stated on the company’s website,”We want to conserve natural resources, and pass on an intact world to future generations”. So it comes without doubts, that sustainability isn’t merely an element in the company’s growth strategy. Sustainability is WolfVision’s philosophy and the key driver of innovation.


Written by Natalie Myhalnytska


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