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sustainable commercial cleaning


Whether it’s your lounge, your reception area, or your office space, every inch of your commercial space needs to be spotless. This is not only one of the best ways to keep your staff motivated and focused on their work, but also a great way to make an impression and show your clients, customers, business partners, and investors that you’re a detail-oriented person who deserves their time and trust. 

However, if you want your commercial cleaning to be even more successful and efficient, it needs to be sustainable as well and as eco-friendly as possible. So, in case you’re trying to take its sustainability factor to another level as well, here are a few ideas that might help you do just that. 

No dangerous chemicals

This is probably one of the biggest problems in the world of commercial cleaning, but the situation is the same when talking about cleaning your home as well. Most of us use tons of dangerous chemicals and ingredients that are harming our planet and affecting it in the worst way possible. 

That’s why eliminating all these dangerous chemicals and harmful ingredients from your environment should be the first thing you’re going to do. Even though most people believe this is a hard and challenging process, the truth is quite the opposite – eliminating all these bad things will turn out to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done! As long as you have your long-term goal in mind and concentrate on making your commercial space as healthy as you can, you won’t have a problem replacing dangerous industrial solutions with homemade products that are healthier, greener, and even more effective.

Get your staff involved

Another massive problem you’ll have to solve is the fact that commercial cleaning usually comes down to a handful of people who spend hours and hours every single day trying to make your workspace look nice and clean. However, just because there are just a few people doing all the work, this entire process is as far from being sustainable as you can imagine. 

Getting a few other individuals involved is a simple way to solve that problem, though. Instead of having one person clean your entire floor and everyone’s workstations, you can get your staff involved and encourage them to do their share of the work. If everyone took care of their desk and their personal space, the entire process would be much healthier and greener. And if you manage to get them to use the homemade green products mentioned before – even better!

Adequate outdoor cleaning

In addition to cleaning your indoor space, you need to consider your outdoor commercial space as well. This is particularly true if your commercial space is full of windows or is located in a building that’s made from glass and other similar materials. 

However, cleaning your outdoor space might not be the easiest thing in the world, particularly if you’re trying to do this on your own. This isn’t just dangerous – extremely dangerous, to be precise – but it’s also not the healthiest solution out there. That’s why finding professionals with more experience is always a better way to go, no matter where you’re located. For instance, if you’re in Australia, you may be able to find those capable rope access specialists from Sydney who will clean your windows in the greenest, most sustainable, and most professional way possible, so don’t hesitate to check them out ASAP.

Update your waste management practices

No matter how big your company is and how many people you employ, dealing with waste is something you’re probably struggling with daily. From paper to plastic and everything in between, updating your waste management practices is an amazing way to introduce a new dose of sustainability to your company and make it greener than before.

Doing this isn’t easy, but it’s doable, particularly if you know a few simple tricks that can go a long way. Things like tracking your waste, encouraging your employees to get involved, and using cloud-based services more than printers can mean quite a lot in the long run, so start turning them into reality right now.

Making your commercial space more sustainable than before and, at the same time, cleaner than ever is a challenging process, but if you use these effective hacks, it will be simpler than you can imagine!

Written by Emma B. Joyce


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