Sustainable, High Quality and Affordable Urban Housing: A Myth Or Reality?

The green movement took the world by storm, motivating hundreds of homeowners around the world to start saving energy and lowering their environmental footprint. Following the trend, countless manufacturers came out of their way to introduce high quality, energy efficient home improvements that can transform the property.


However, sustainability is known to come with the price - a price that not everyone can afford. Installing eco-friendly roofing can cost thousands of dollars and is not an option for someone living on a budget. That is the paradox of sustainable living - you lose money, but you gain money as well. The initial cost of the majority of big efficient machines or products such as wind turbines or solar panels is spicy, but it brings outstanding savings from the long-term perspective. Unfortunately, for some people waiting is forbidden.


The idea

So, is it possible to have a sustainable, high quality and affordable housing? Of course it is! In the 21st century, technology is at its peak and there is no reason why someone on a budget would not enjoy perks of sustainable living. There are no excuses because smart tech brought a revolution not just in the technology itself but also in society; it caused equality and represented a chance for everyone to try going green.


The tools

Here are some of the incredibly affordable gadgets that could completely change your home and turn it into an energy saving machine.


Energy-efficient and automated lighting

With a price of only 3 to 10 dollars per light bulb, energy efficient lighting represents one of the most affordable ways of converting your home to energy efficient mode. When it comes to adding a smart element automated lights make sure that your home is properly enlighted in the optimal intensity so you would save energy but still get the best of the gadget.


Power strip: $12 to $35

A power strip will cost you about 20 dollars, but the effect it has is priceless. If you are one of those people who constantly forget to turn off TV, radio, computer or chargers before leaving your home, then this is the device for you. Power strips block the power when they detect that it is running passively. Therefore, it helps you save a tremendous amount of energy.


Water heater blanket

Insulating your hot water tank is a project that costs only about 30 dollars. It is a simple and affordable way to boost the energy efficiency of your home and save money on utility bills. Hot water tank insulation can reduce heat loss by up to 40 percent and save 15 percent of money when it comes to heating costs.


Programmable thermostat

Prices of smart thermostats start from 25 dollars, and their benefits are countless. Programmable thermostats are not static like conventional ones, they measure elements outdoors and adjust the temperature of each room in the house to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency. Except for improved convenience in your home, you will also save power and energy which will help both the planet and your bank account.


Energy Star Appliances

When buying products such as refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher and so on, look for those with energy star certification.This certification is not for nothing; it guarantees you that the device saves energy and leaves less footprint in the environment.


As you can see, having a sustainable and affordable housing is not a myth; it is a strong reality inviting people to exploit modern technology and get the best of it.

Written by Matthew Smith



About the Author

Matthew Smith is a writer working for Fortified Roofing. Throughout his writings, he promotes sustainable living and the use of eco-friendly technology in housing and everyday life.

Fortified Roofing provides quality roofing services at an affordable price, serving Central Jersey, South Jersey and the Jersey Shore.



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