The 6 Most Important Items to Have On Your Camping Checklist
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The number of national and recreational parks scattered across the United States makes it one of the most exciting countries for outdoor and camping enthusiasts. There are regions offering dense forests to walk through, mountains, prairies, and plains, as well as waterfalls and tropical coastal destinations. Most of these regions require campers to have a basic knowledge of camping and you will need to bring your own camping utilities. Here are the five most important items to have on your camping checklist.


Meal preparation utilities

Most of the wildlife regions are slightly removed from society's comforts, such as restaurants, fast-food venues, and grocery stores. Even if your camping destination is nearby these facilities, try to immerse yourself in the wildlife experience and go prepared with cookware sets, food, and food storage items. Your cookware should be aluminum or stainless steel for the sake of longevity. Food storage can come in the form of insulated cooler boxes or cooler bags. While many parks provide gas and cooking facilities, prepare for cooking on campfires, just in case.


Utility & Pocket Knives

Yes, a knife probably falls under the kitchenware section, but go with an extra knife that is suitable for outdoor jobs, like cutting cords. Most outdoorsmen carry a Swiss Army Knife. There are a variety of knives available and many come with extra attachments, like can-openers, scissors, nail clippers, and a screwdriver. They’re also convenient to carry because they fold away into your pocket.


Fire-Building Tools

Beyond providing a friendly light and a cheerful way to spend the evening, fires are also wonderful for survival purposes. Serious hikers and campers keep multiple tools with which to start a fire. Matches in a waterproof cover will help but add a gas cigarette lighter or two for safe measure. Camping and outdoor stores often sell other handy tools to help you start a fire.




Extra Bedding

There’s a reason sleeping bags are waterproof on the outside. Even so, there are often unforeseen downpours or storms and the possibility for your bedding to get soaked is always present. A spare sleeping bag or even a blanket will almost always come in handy. If you don’t need to replace soaked camping gear, the blanket doubles as a wonderful picnic blanket.



Once upon a time, camping involved trekking into the wilderness with a little more than a backpack, tent and sleeping bag. These days, there are literally thousands of products available to enhance the camping experience and make your life easier. The problem, then, is where to store all that stuff! The good news is that enterprising folks have thought of that too. Whether it is piping mounted on your vehicle and secured with lockable PVC end caps, a roof-mounted storage pod or a full-blown camping cupboard, there are many ingenious ways to store and organize all your gear.


Emergency Food Supplies

Even the most experienced outdoorsmen and women can find themselves in trouble in the wilderness. If an unforeseen incident occurs, having emergency food supplies can save your life. Keep a reserve stock of lightweight, shelf-stable items such as dried fruits & nuts, beef jerky or biltong, protein bars and other similar items. You never know when you may need them.


There are so many tools, gadgets, and handy items you can take with you on your great adventure. Of course, there are far too many for us to list here, but hopefully, this has given you a great start. Have fun and stay safe!



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