The Anatomy of Earth-Sheltered Homes
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earth-sheltered home


As more homeowners are looking to live as sustainable as possible, more and more are looking to alternate modes of homeownership that may not be the typical ones we know. Earth-sheltered homes provide a unique and sustainable way of living for homeowners who are looking to be more eco-friendly. Not only are these homes less environmentally invasive than traditional homes, but they offer a variety of benefits in both the comfort and sustainability areas of homeownership.


There are a few different types of earth-sheltered homes:

- earth-covered homes that incorporate the living roof design (and it is becoming very popular in cities around the country);

- in-hill homes (which are essentially real-life modern hobbit holes). Each offers its own unique benefits.


BigRentz created an infographic listing all the information about these wonderful homes — like how they incorporate the local flora and fauna, automatically being more eco-friendly than traditional homes.


earth-sheltered home



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