The Benefits of Going Green in Your Bathroom Redesign
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Going green in your bathroom redesign has countless benefits and zero regrets. Aside from cutting costs, you can truly live with peace of mind in an eco-friendly bathroom. With results ranging from healthier air to an increase in your home value, redoing your bathroom with a “green mindset” is a decision that you shouldn’t postpone any longer. Read on to discover the endless benefits of giving your bathroom a “green” facelift!


Cut Costs

It’s a no brainer that going green in your bathroom will most certainly affect the green in your wallet! You’ll save money by going green in your bathroom by cutting utility costs. By decreasing the amount of water used and finding green ways to transform lighting, you’ll quickly notice that your monthly bills are lower. It doesn’t take a lot of work and can be done quickly with a simple trip to the store. Look for energy efficient appliances ranging from light bulbs, showerheads, and heaters. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you saved a few extra bucks for future renovations. Going green in your bathroom is a low-risk investment with high returns. These fix-ups usually don’t take too long and will easily transform your bathroom into a money saving machine!


Energy Efficient Lighting

Have you ever received one of those notices in the mail that you’re using up more energy than your neighbors? By making a few green changes in your bathroom redesign, you’ll be getting “congrats” notices in no time for being energy efficient! Compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) are a great place to start. These bulbs don’t look different but they use less electricity and will ultimately use much less energy than traditional bulbs. They are worth the investment to cut costs on your electricity bill and flaunt your energy-saving savviness. LED lights, or light-emitting diodes, are another solid option. These bulbs last a long time and are also energy efficient. When you’re looking at bulb replacements, check the packaging for ENERGY-STAR qualifications. Stay away from traditional incandescent bulbs because they’ll only eat up a lot of energy and your money.


Light dimmers and timers are an excellent way to go green when it comes to your bathroom lighting. Dimmers can be used to control the amount of electricity you want to use and in a sense allows you to regulate your bill. There are also timers - from low-tech to high-tech varieties - that will turn off your lights after the use. This is an excellent way to “set it and forget it” in your green bathroom redesign.


Don’t forget about the power of natural light to cut your costs and save energy! Consider installing a skylight and an extra window. Allowing natural light to flood your bathroom is one of the best ways to bring that sense of serenity into any space and reduce your electricity bill. If possible, only use natural light during the daytime and leave superficial lighting for the evening.


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Eco-Friendly Materials

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, every bathroom has VOCs (volatile organic compounds) floating around - and many of them come from the materials in our bathroom. Choose countertops that are greener and environmentally friendly. It’ll give you a sense of pride knowing you are using a cleaning product that does less damage inside and outside of your bathroom. Choose countertop and vanity options such as bamboo, recycled paper and glass, ceramic and porcelain tile, quartz, stainless steel, and stained concrete. If you go with bamboo, recycled, or wooded varieties of countertops, make sure you take the necessary precautions to prevent mold since the bathroom is often damp. If you opt for a stone countertop, using quartz would be your best choice as well as the most eco-friendly. Whatever you do, stay away from any vinyl materials as they won’t do well in a wet bathroom environment. Using these eco-friendly materials will ensure that you can be less worried about VOCs and any other damaging effects to your health and to the world around you.


Overall, you'll be breathing in healthier air with the installation of pure materials. Without a green bathroom, you’re more likely to experience the negative effects that humidity and dampness can have on the human body. When the bathroom is damp, it’s a breeding ground for mold and mildew even in the most unsuspecting areas like caulk and grout and under appliances and cabinetry. The emission of VOCs increases when green materials are not in use. Better air-quality is totally attainable with a few green changes to the material you use.


Easy Clean-up

When it comes to green bathroom redesigns, some may have the misconception that it’s too much maintenance. Green bathrooms are actually some of the most maintainable spaces and the cleanup is easier than you can imagine. As mentioned above, eco-friendly materials are a must and typically will use less grout which in turn makes cleaning much simpler. You won’t have to worry about scrubbing awkward spaces and lines that are at times impossible to reach. The countertops mentioned like recycled glass and ceramic, are extremely easy to wipe down but they also can be used as materials that surround showers. These surfaces are glossy and smooth and dry fairly quickly to give you that sparkly shine that every bathroom needs. Cleaning showers is never a fun job but with these materials and others like fiberglass, and acrylics, cleaning won’t feel like such a chore.


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Increase Your Home Value

Going green is not a trend that’s going away anytime soon so it’s a great investment in terms of the value of your home. Redesigning your bathroom with a green spin is going catch the attention of buyers and will increase your home value when the time comes to sell. Going green is culturally and socially relevant and the issue is only increasing in prominence. Choose the perfect combination of green renovations and you’ll be well on your way to reaping the benefits.


The benefits of going green in your bathroom redesign are a few simple steps away and the effects will impact the way you live your life. Having a green bathroom is a conscientious choice that can eventually create a healthier way of living, cultivate an eco-friendly outlook, and save you money. Get started today and begin enjoying a greener bathroom.



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