The Best Eco-Friendly Materials to Build Your Dream Home
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If you are committed to building green, you might think that somewhat limits you in terms of building materials. However, you could not be further from the truth. There are many materials out there which will help you build the house of your dreams without compromising your eco-friendly vision.


Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is durable, stylish, and easy for you to get your hands on. You can pick from a variety of different woods to help you achieve any effect you desire. Whether you are looking for just some wood for a floor or the window sills, or if you are looking to construct your entire home from the material, it is a great material for you to choose.



Steel is one of the best eco-friendly materials to construct with and it is incredibly easy to get your hands on a custom steel building. Manufacturers like Armstrong Steel are able to design the perfect building for you from the ground up. When you are ready to get it delivered, Armstrong will ship it and you will be able to throw up the building in practically next to no time; ideal if you are working to a strict deadline too. This particular manufacturer emphasise on their website how pre-engineered steel buildings can be insulated better, which results in significant energy savings.



Take a leaf out of a Hobbit’s book and carve your home out of a hillside. Buildings made from packed earth are naturally insulated and can make for some wonderfully snug homes. What’s more, you are really able to play with some interesting designs and shapes as you build. If you are looking to create the ultimate eco-pad, then building from earth should be high up on your list of priorities.



Although this may be one for warmer climates, building a house from straw is a great, eco-friendly alternative building material. Bales of straw can be bought in large quantities for a much cheaper price than other materials listed above. All they need is some weather-proofing and then they are ready to be constructed in any shape of room you choose. They can also be allergy-friendly and well-insulated, making them a great choice year after year.



It might not always be the prettiest, but concrete certainly has its uses. You can very easily track down some recycled, pre-cast concrete to use in your build. Pre-cast concrete is made off-site and then shipped to you to be assembled in the build; another great time-saver as you will not have to wait around for the concrete to dry before continuing. Whether you use pre-cast or poured concrete, you are likely to achieve some brilliant results.


These are just five of the materials you could use to build your dream eco-house, or you could use a mix of all of them! Think carefully about how you want your house to look and how you want it to help the environment. This might help you whittle down some ideas about what you want to use when building your house. Before you know it, you will have the green palace you have always been dreaming of!



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