The Best Sustainable, Eco-Friendly and Ethical Toys for Kids
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You may not be able to save the planet on your own by investing in eco-friendly toys, but you can certainly reduce your carbon footprint by making sure your child plays with sustainable toys. From recyclable plastic to sustainable fabrics used for stuffed animals, there's a whole array of eco-friendly toys that your little one will enjoy having around from the first months of their lives and to starting elementary school. Here are a few of them that you’ll certainly want to invest in.


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All toys require a sea of raw materials, energy, transportation and packaging during the process of making, while kids often don't even spend an awful lot of time playing with most of the toys. Mass production and very little interest in toys you buy for your kids – they all lead to not so healthy planet due to lots of waste left behind. With Toy Box Club, you are offered a monthly subscription service which includes delivery and collection. All the members get a cardboard box full of age-appropriate and gender-neutral toys on loan. A box is filled with a wide selection of non-plastic distractions, including a number sorting puzzle, a jumbo jigsaw and a book that featured its own keyboard for learning simple tunes. Forget about ever-growing mountains of plastic toys filling up the nursery and the rest of the house and invest in a guilt-free solution to the problem. The toys will be appropriate for two to four-year-olds. In case your little one can’t take their hands off of a toy or two, you’ll be able to purchase it.


Sparkle their creativity with the 3Doodler

Is your kid showing affinities towards design, drawing and maybe even engineering? If so, you’ll want to offer them the best toy to bring their imagination to life. That’s precisely what the 3Doodler will offer you. It produces textured heated plastic that hardens in seconds, allowing your child to draw in the air, making all of their ideas immediately come to life. To make your child’s imagination run wild without endangering the planet, order the 3Doodler and watch your child grow into the next greatest designer.


Recyclable Green Toys Ferry Boat

Made of recycled American milk bottles, Green Toys Ferry Boat is a lovely choice for all the little ones who love spending time in the bubble bath playing with their boats. Not only is the toy made of recyclable plastic, but it’s also packaged in recycled and recyclable materials that are printed with soy inks. The two mini cars that come in the packaging of this little set will be perfect for playing both in the bath and out of it and you can even wash the toy in the dishwasher.


Sustainable Alphabet Jigsaws World Map

For all the parents who’d like to start teaching their kids geography early on, a sustainable Alphabet Jigsaw World Map will be a perfect choice. You can leave this jigsaw out on the dining table and let your kid occasionally stop by and put all the chunky pieces made from sustainable solid wood together. The map is painted in non-toxic paints, and it's fun and educational to complete. Let your child slot the Caspian Sea into place without resorting to Google Maps, and teach them all about the location of countries through lots of fun. The game will be perfect for children aged six and up.


Dr. Zigs My First Giant Bubble Kit

Kids love bubbles. And what better way to let them have fun than with a biodegradable and palm oil and phosphate-free bubble mixture? Dr. Zigs Bubble Kit comes in 10x concentrate to reduce packaging. The 25cm wooden wands and rope for creating the bubbles are made from sustainably-sourced wood and unbleached cotton, making them super eco-conscious.


Final thoughts

Saving the planet has never been more important than today, so if you can contribute even the slightest, you should. Buying your kids eco-friendly toys will be a small step for you but a huge one for mankind and the planet.

Written by Carolin Petterson



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