The Biggest Threats to The Environment and Simple Steps You Can Take to Help Nature
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Monday 5th June is World Environment Day. The occasion is an annual event to raise awareness of issues facing the environment and to encourage us to set aside some time to truly appreciate the nature around us.


The theme for this year is connecting people to nature.


In support of World Environment Day, Morocco tour specialists Desert Marrakech have produced six eye-opening illustrations showing how we can connect with the different environments surrounding usfrom oceans to deserts and mountains.


The graphics also highlight some of the key threats that are facing each of these terrains, and from the illustrations we can see how these threats are creeping in to these landscapes.


Issues such as ocean pollution, oil drilling in deserts and urban development in our grasslands are key environmental issues to be aware of in 2017.


Luckily, its not all doom and gloom. World Environment Day is a reminder that we can step up and make a difference to the world around us. Even just the simplest of everyday changes can helpfrom ditching plastic bags to remembering to turn off the light switch and going paperless with our bills.


Have a look at the insightful illustrations below to see the biggest threats facing our environment and the simple steps you can take to help. Plus, check out the recommendations of the best places around the world to experience each of these unique landscapes.







Find out more about World Environment Day, and get involved!


Desert Marrakech are a small team of highly-experienced drivers and guides from Morocco, with years of experience operating desert tours for tourists from around the world.




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