The Importance of Maintaining Your Fridge Freezer
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maintain your fridge freezer

Many of us don’t spend much time thinking about our appliances - they’re just there, working away in our kitchens or utility rooms. But one household item we often overlook is the fridge freezer - and we really should be showing this crucial appliance some care and attention.

Stock up (and keep it clean)

Some jobs are important to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your fridge freezer and should be done regularly. Regular tasks include cleaning the shelves of the fridge, for example, which prevents bacteria growth and mould forming. Germs can build up in every nook and cranny, so find a checklist - like this one to make sure you get it sparkling!

Importantly, maintaining the correct temperature requires a bit of regular observation. For example, if food placed near the back of your fridge is growing ice crystals, it’s probably too cold. Keep a keen eye on the food in your fridge freezer, as some temperature fluctuations can be caused by other problems, and always remember you can adjust the thermostat if necessary.

It’s also worth remembering that both fridges and freezers require thermal mass to work. Simply put, this means that they need to be at least three-quarters full to work best - which is a great excuse to make sure you stock up during your next weekly shop!

Sealed tight

Once or twice a year we all tend to have a spring clean. We dust the hard-to-reach places, reorganise our cupboards, and turn the mattress. But did you know you should perform essential fridge freezer maintenance at least once a year too?

The seals, which experience pressure due to the mechanism of the doors, are used multiple times a day and the rubber can degrade over time. If they are cracked or broken, the fridge freezer will have to work much harder to maintain temperature, leading to premature burnout - so ensure you check them regularly and apply petroleum jelly if they’re feeling a little dry or brittle.

Thawed out

Defrosting the freezer is one of the most important jobs you should do during your maintenance checks. Once a quarter of an inch of ice has built up on the walls, it’s time to defrost; depending on usage, this might only be an annual or biannual job, but it’s crucial to maintain the lifespan and efficiency of your freezer. If you’re not sure how best to go about it, don’t just hack at the ice! Take a look at this freezer defrosting guide for tips on how best to go about this oddly satisfying job, and sit back and relax knowing you’ll be saving yourself money thanks to its improved energy efficiency.


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